He flattened her hand on him, then drew it to his chest. "You keep doing that and I'll do more than throb," he said into her mouth, then kissed her, drawing her to the bed. Fishing in her robe pocket, he tossed the packets on the bed, nipping her smooth, flawless shoulder.

"Show me."

She held his gaze, untying her sash, parting her robe.

His smoldering gaze raked down to her bare toes and back up. "I knew you were gorgeous." He looked again, pushing the robe down her arms to pool on the floor. "I just didn't imagine this."

Madison felt proud and beautiful as he swept her hair back and kissed her, a never-ending layer of his lips and tongue over her body. He had an amazing mouth. And he knew how to use it. He worshiped her breasts, her ribs, her stomach, and her fingertips dug into his shoulders, knees liquefying as he tasted the dip of her waist, her navel, the sweep of her hip with exquisite care.

"Nor this." He laved his tongue over the tiniest tattoo, chucking to himself.

"You'd do anything to see that."

"Oh, yes." Gently, he pushed her onto the bed, hovering over her long enough to lick her a path to her dark brown curls between her thighs.


"I crave you like candy." He nipped the inside of her thigh. "And I want to taste it." He spread her, his tongue immediately delving.

She cried out and arched, calling his name in a long, breathy moan, writhing elegantly, and if Alex had thought long enough, he'd swear she'd never experienced anything like it.

Madison hadn't. Never. Ever. And any thought of denying herself flew from her mind. She lost herself beneath his touch, his expertise sweeping her quickly to the brink of rapture. He pushed her knees up, draping them over his shoulders, driving deeper, then thrust two fingers inside her.

Her body fractured, clenched and she begged him to stop. On a dastardly chuckle, he refused, loving her quaking, her cries and moans and the little jerks of her body as she rode his mouth helplessly to the end of pleasure. A little sob caught in her throat as she sank into the bed.

She panted, swiping the hair off her face as he moved onto the bed beside her. Flinging a leg over his hip, she slid her hand inside his slacks.

"Don't. Stop. Oh, no," he said deadpan as he ducked, worrying the tip of her breast, feeling her nipple peak on his tongue.

She freed him into her palm. "Oh, Alex, is that for me?" she said inside a devious laugh.


She stroked him. Not that Alex needed any more stimulation. Just watching her undress him, curl away to tug his slacks free, which she was most eager to do, left him quaking with desire. He ground down on his control, the urge to push her on her back and be inside her scraping him raw. She crawled up him, over his legs, smiling, soft and mysterious, before she slicked her tongue over the tip of him. His muscles seized, and he dragged her up and kissed her with the ferocity of a man gone wild.

His lungs worked. "I want you all night long." He said it like a complaint.

"But I want you now." She pushed him to his back, then straddled him.

He arched a brow, his hands smoothing over her buttocks and thighs. He was shaking, badly, like a boy with his first girl, and he tipped his head to look up at her. Her legs spread across his thighs, she was beautiful, erotically woman. Chestnut hair as dark as her eyes curled over her bare shoulders, hiding her breasts. He exposed them, her body lush and shapely and taunting his patience. This was a woman he never thought to have in his bed, to want to share so much with her – much more than his body. He sat up suddenly, gripping her hips and urging her closer to his heat.

She slid wetly against him, creating friction and slick impatience and delicious sensations that left him weak and pliable. And growling for more.

Madison loved it. Like a mighty rock tower torn to the ground, she manipulated him, teased him. His eyes slammed shut, his long, lean body glistening with sweat despite the cool air. She licked a trickle at his temple, whispering what she was feeling, how warm and solid he was for her and what that did to her. He groaned, hitting the bottom of his control.

"Madison, darlin'—" He showered quick, thick kisses over her throat and breasts. "Come to me."

She held his gaze, held him in her palm, and Alex experienced a trembling moment, a deeper intimacy as she slipped on the condom. They were never more together than in this instant. Here she trusted him. Here she was his. If for one night or one month or longer, he didn't know, didn't trust himself to think beyond this moment. Only that she wanted him as much as he did her.

He pushed himself inside her, barely. She was incredibly tight, and he teased the bead of her sex, waiting for her body to adjust, yet she spread her legs wide, forced him deeper, then in one sharp motion, she took control and thrust downward, gasping as he filled her completely. He groaned her name, quaking at the incredibly snug feel of her surrounding him. Alex kissed her tenderly, his throat suddenly tight as he tried understanding why it felt perfectly natural to be inside her. As if he'd waited his lifetime to be right here, right now.

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