He smiled, and she shifted half over him, her hands folded on his chest, her chin on her wrists. His brows worked. "What?"

"I'm pregnant."

A grin split his face. Then it froze at her next words.

"And it's twins." His surprise made her laugh and pop up to kiss him. "It's your chromosomes that keep doing that."

He chuckled, squeezing her, then pushed her hair off her face and gazed into her eyes. "Babies," was all he could manage.

Hayley's eyes teared up a little. He saw every moment as she did, a gift of the sweetest kind. He was a strong man, taking care of all of them and giving her more than anyone had a right to have. She loved him with every breath she took, for the man who fought to love her, who shared her burdens and her bed and brought her what she'd missed in her life, a place to belong, a family to love and a heart filled with so much joy there wasn't any room for pain.

"Good thing we have jobs, huh?"

He laughed. "Guess we need to hire a nanny, too."

"No way. That's where all the fun is. That and loving you."

His expression was poignantly tender, and he kissed her, chanting his love and how happy he was that they were going to have more Rayburns to love and he hoped they looked just like her.

With her nestled in his arms, Nash sighed, letting the news fill him and her love surround him. He could barely remember being without her, how lonely he'd been, how lost. The road was wide open now, a welcoming path for more happiness, more love, and though their life felt like a nonstop ride since they'd married.

Nash was enjoying every hectic moment. Especially when the days ended like this, his arms wrapped around his redheaded princess of River Willow.

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