So when Luca asked her if she intended to ignore this ‘irresistible force’ between them, there was no question in Kate’s mind that she had to give an honest answer.

‘No,’ she whispered hoarsely, laying the flat of her palm against his faintly roughened cheek. ‘I’m not going to ignore it…I think that would be…almost impossible.’

Warm, hard fingers circled the fragile bones of her wrist and authoritatively moved Kate’s arm to her side. With an almost feral sound that seemed to rise up from his very soul Luca seared her lips with a reckless untamed kiss that shocked her. Completely lacking in finesse or tenderness, it made her reel with its almost ruthless demand. But that did not stop her from responding to it with equally raw hunger and need. The flame inside her that had been steadily simmering beneath her every day burst suddenly into an inferno…a scorching hot fire that would raze anything standing in its path to the ground.

Her arms went hungrily round Luca’s neck to help deepen the erotic consummation of lips and tongues, fierce sighs and rasping moans, as liquid heat poured into her centre, making all her muscles tremble with the forceful devouring need that ravished her. Luca’s feverish hands were tracing every inch of her through the mutually unwanted barrier of her clothing, and Kate sensed his impatience and ardour build at pace with her own, until its heated, unconstrained rhythm dictated they lose themselves totally in its potent wild current.

Somehow he removed her dress and she his shirt. Losing her balance in the fever of lust that consumed them, Kate felt the soft plumped-up surface of the sofa cradle her fall, and Luca’s arms were firmly around her waist as they tumbled headlong together. His dark hair was tickling her face and his beard-roughened jaw was scratchy against her soft skin. The heavy, muscular press of his strong, hard body was so wonderful she could have cried. The ache that nothing could ease but him rejoiced in gratitude.

‘I want you so much,’ he vowed hoarsely against the side of her cheek. ‘Too much!’ And a husky litany of sensual sounding endearments voiced purely in Italian followed as his hands purposefully worked her tights and panties down over her quaking legs.

Consumed by sensation, by the wild earth scent of his body, Kate pushed her fingers through the short silky strands of his hair, then brought her hands lower to trace the sculpted indentations that denoted his cheekbones. Cupping his face, she accepted his kisses with unashamed eagerness, inciting more with her own teasing, searching tongue and softly rasping murmurs of pleasure.

Removing her bra, he kissed and suckled her breasts, and they were so tender that Kate sensed a sting of pain shoot through her when he nipped her gently with his teeth. As if realising her sensitivity, Luca stroked the tips of his fingers back and forth across the moist bud at her apex instead, and Kate’s slender thighs opened and softened even as her whole body momentarily tensed in exquisite electrifying shock at his boldly intimate caress. Almost unbearably aroused, and driven by the raw, elemental nature that had irresistibly revealed itself that very first time with Luca, Kate splayed her hands against his chest, touching the sleek, warm musculature that was breathtakingly revealed beneath the silky dusting of soft dark hair.

But he didn’t allow her to continue her exploration for long before guiding her hands purposefully down to the straining zipper on his chinos instead. In a heartbeat, his hard satin length was inside her, pressing upwards and deep into her melting warmth, and in the vivid heat and wild pleasure of their coupling Kate’s heart lifted with hope—her whole being rejoicing to the heavens that she could be with him like this again.

Even before Luca’s powerfully strong body had possessed hers, Kate’s senses had been all but screaming for release. Pregnancy seemed to have doubled her sensitivity and awareness where he was concerned, until even just the scent of his cologne could practically unravel her. And now, as Luca drove into her, staking his powerful claim on Kate’s body and soul for ever with his scalding unforgettable heat, her release came—quick and fast—making her shiver and shake as she was deluged by sensations and emotions that stole her breath and made her gasp and pant for air. Grabbing on to her lover’s powerful shoulders, she kissed the smooth satin flesh that moulded that taut muscle and bone and shut her eyes tight, as if to guard and contain these almost too vulnerably intimate moments for ever.

He had been impatient with her all day. Impatient with the fact she was still wearing clothes, when Luca’s intense desire was to separate her from them as soon as he could. To tear away every flimsy barrier that seemed like a fortified wall, preventing him from seeing her lovely perfection and touching her body as he so desperately yearned to.