‘The last thing I want you to do is rush! The whole point of us going to Milan is that you do not feel under pressure to do anything but rest, Katherine! If need be I can arrange for our flight to go later. It is my private jet, so it will not be a problem!’

‘Your—your private jet?’ she stammered.

‘Of course!’ he said, as matter-of-factly as though he’d just suggested getting a train.

Several thoughts went through Kate’s mind at the same time. The predominant one being that she’d be an utter fool to think that their little sojurn in Italy would be more than a holiday. A man as incredibly wealthy and influential as Luca would not want to be saddled with an ordinary little nobody for long…she was sure of it. Even if she was having his baby. Back on his home turf, in his fabulous mansion, he would quickly see that Kate did not fit into such an elite lifestyle. That she was homespun…not priceless silk!

After their sensually charged evening together at his house she felt cold and deflated. Like a popped, discarded party balloon. Forcing a smile to her lips, she tried hard to conceal her inner turmoil. ‘Well, I’ll ring you in the morning, then…when I’m ready. Is that all right?’

‘It is perfectly all right, mi bella.’ Leaning towards her, Luca cupped her face in his hands, his warm breath skimming sensually over her mouth. ‘You promise you will not let me down, Katherine?’

‘What do you mean?’ Even though she’d been the recipient of his wonderful touch all evening, Kate’s senses thrilled to experience it again.

‘If you do not come back with me tonight, you will not run away without telling me where you are?’

She shouldn’t have been surprised that he was still dwelling on what had happened in Milan but, caught off guard, Kate was. Surprised and more than a little pleased that he actually sounded as though he cared…

‘No, Luca. I won’t be running away. I promise.’

‘Good!’ Warm lips grazed hers, sending shivers of unstoppable delight right through the heart of her, and he smiled ruefully when he eventually made himself pull away. ‘Now, go inside and get some rest. You are looking tired again.’

‘I’m only tired because it turned into a much longer night than I expected!’

Quick to reassure him that she was feeling fine, Kate still couldn’t help colouring hotly as she thought about the highly sensual ways in which she and Luca had kept themselves occupied all evening. Her body ached and throbbed from her lover’s seductive attentions still, and the memory of them would probably keep her awake for most of what was left of the night, she was sure!

‘Sì…it did’ His sexy blue eyes glanced back at Kate with disarming frankness, and in response the tips of her breasts surged almost painfully against the suddenly too thin material of her dress and jacket.

‘I’d better go.’ Turning towards the passenger door at her side, Kate looked round in surprise as Luca caught hold of her wrist to hold her back for a moment.

‘You will need to do your packing in the morning now. Are you sure you do not want me to stay over so I can help you?’

As enticing as the invitation was, right then Kate needed thinking space. So much had happened in the short time since she’d seen Luca again, and the repercussions were making her head spin! Plus, she didn’t really want his distracting presence beside her when she came to selecting which clothes to pack for their trip. In his world—where women went to top designers to purchase their clothes—the reality of Kate’s wardrobe would no doubt come as a bit of a shock—and no doubt a disappointment too.

Again it crossed her mind that when they returned to Milan the comparisons between her very ordinary way of life and his exceptionally wealthy and extraordinary one would inevitably start to become more pointed as the days went by. Once he was back in the realm of his equally fabulously rich friends, the stark differences would start to make themselves all too clear, and Luca would surely only come to regret bringing Kate with him?

‘I’d rather do my packing myself, if you don’t mind?’ she replied, shrugging. ‘But thanks for offering.’

‘Then sleep well, Katherine.’ He moved back into the luxurious butter-soft leather seat with his usual enviable ease, his stunning good looks that next to other mere mortals could make them look shockingly plain in perfect harmony with the unashamed opulence of the car’s interior. ‘In the morning take as long as you need to get ready then ring me, yes? I will come and pick you up.’

‘I will. Goodnight, Luca.’

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