“So, are you ready for school to start next week?” I ask, trying to keep the conversation casual. I think it best we avoid talking about the baby again tonight until we’ve both had a bit of time to accept the news.

She finishes chewing her bite of bread before saying, “I think so. I can’t believe I’m almost finished. It won’t be long until I have my degree.” With a grin, she rubs her hands together. “Then it will be time for the hard part…finding a job.” Her eyes widen and she looks down. “No one is going to hire someone fresh out of college who’s pregnant, are they?”

I sigh in exasperation before taking her hand. “You’re not going to let yourself have one night for this to sink in, are you?”

She gives me a sheepish look before shaking her head. “I’m going to school to be an analyst, Lucian; do you honestly think it’s in my nature not to think about this from every possible angle?”

I can’t hold back my grin. She’s so fucking hot right now that I want to give her something to occupy that mouth of hers. Whoever said smart was sexy was spot-on. I have a favorite fantasy of her wearing that beautiful hair in a bun, some glasses, and a business suit. The skirt would be short and she wouldn’t be wearing panties. I’d put my hands on—

“Luc…hellooo. Are you listening to me?” She sounds slightly pissed as I refocus. I can only imagine how glazed my eyes must have been as I was carried away by the dream playing out in my head.

Clearing my throat, I say, “Sorry, baby. I was just picturing how you’ll look when I fuck you on my desk.” I shift in my seat, thankful for long tablecloths.

Her face flames red as she squeaks out, “What?”

“I might even let you take charge,” I muse. “What would you do with that kind of control? How would you choose to take me?”

“I…you…Lucian!” She’s stuttering now, which is adorable. I love throwing her off balance. If I have to suffer through dinner for an hour with a hard cock to take her mind off her pregnancy, then I will. Hell, I’ll work us both into an underwear-ripping frenzy by the time we pay the check.

“Yes?” I say idly as I drop a hand onto her leg before trailing it closer and closer to the apex of her thighs. “Do you remember our first date?”

“You mean the night I was drunk on Nyquil while Monique groped you all through dinner?” she chokes out as she attempts to clamp her legs closed.

I chuckle softly recalling how she had taken my breath away from the moment I’d laid eyes on her. She had been working as an escort for Date Night to help pay for her schooling and I’d been desperate for someone to accompany me to a business dinner. When I’d stepped from my car, there had been this beautiful woman staring at me and then to my utter shock, taking pictures of me with her cell phone. I had been thrilled to find out that she was my date for the evening.

Of course, considering nothing in life is ever simple, we’d had the misfortune to sit next to Monique Chandler. I’d made the monumental mistake of fucking her in the past and I’d spent months trying to convince her that I did not intend to take it any further than that. I had believed that taking a date with me to dinner would dissuade her from pawing me. In the end, she had still managed to do her fair share of touching while throwing barbs at Lia. But I couldn’t regret the evening. It had brought the woman I love into my life and for that, I would forever be grateful to Aidan for suggesting it.

“I was actually referring to our first dinner here at Leo’s.”

She rolls her eyes and drops her hand to stop mine from delving further between her legs. “As I recall, that wasn’t really a date. You booked it through Date Night so I kind of had to come.”

I say a prayer of thanks that she’s worn a short dress today as I push past her restraining hand and reach the damp fabric of her panties. “You didn’t have to ‘come,' baby. You wanted to…badly, if I remember correctly.” A small groan pushes past her lips as I nudge her panties to the side and run my finger down her slit. I lean closer to her until my mouth is just inches from her neck. “Quiet, baby, unless you want everyone to know what we’re doing. I personally don’t give a damn.”

She drops her face into the curve of my neck and I give an involuntary shiver as her warm breath hits my exposed skin. My finger finds her clit and begins to swirl around the tiny bud. Moisture is flooding from her core and I quickly lose myself in the feel of her pussy and the smell of her arousal. “Luc,” she pants, “I need to…please!”

I thrust a finger up to my knuckle inside her and bite off a moan as her walls close around my digit. I’m seriously entertaining the idea of dropping to the floor and going under the tablecloth so I can lap at her cunt when I hear a clatter that sounds as loud as a bomb dropping. “I have your lasagna for two. Would you like some fresh bread?” My hand jerks and Lia gives a gasp of horror.

Our server is a twenty-something-year-old male and from the lavish grin on his face, he has a pretty good idea of where my hand is. Lia’s face, which is hidden in the side of my neck, and the lack of composure on my part, are as good as holding up signs of guilt. “Yeah, that’s right, you horny little bastard. I’m finger-fucking my girlfriend. Now get lost so I can finish.” Instead of saying what I’m thinking though, I give a wave of dismissal and notice that the little shit actually looks disappointed. Did he think I was going to invite him to watch or something?

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