“Luc…I want you,” I moan, thrashing restlessly. “I can’t wait…I need you now.”

I should have known that despite my pleas, he couldn’t resist teasing my nipples. With my shirt out of the way, his hot mouth descends to lick and suck me to the point of madness. Both he and I are shocked when I come from just his mouth on my breast. That’s never happened to me before without him touching me between my legs at the same time. He sits back on his haunches and quirks a brow at me. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, baby. I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off your magic tits.”

I start laughing before snapping, “Shut up, take your boxers off, and fuck me—right now!” He looks stunned at my demand and then hastens to do as I’ve demanded. I’ve never seen him remove his underwear so fast. He doesn’t stop to see if I’m ready for him, which is unusual. We’re both too far gone for that. He lines his hard cock up at my entrance and fills me in one strong thrust. “Oh, God!” I shout, feeling my body frantically attempt to accommodate his size. “Luc…more!” That’s all the encouragement he needs. It’s hard, fast, and dirty. Sometimes we make love, but other times we fuck, and that’s what this is. No-holds-barred fucking and I love it. I can do nothing but hang on for the ride as he stamps his ownership upon every inch of my body. His hips swivel and his cock drags against my clit on each thrust. In an embarrassingly short amount of time, I’m coming again—and again. One wave of pleasure blends into another. By the time he explodes inside of me, I’m as limp as a dishrag. At times like these, I understand why women such as Monique couldn’t bear to let him go. He’s the total dream package: A handsome, sexy, successful man with a big dick who fucks like a stallion. I’m grateful he can’t see the blush I feel heating up my face. It’s a testament to his skill in bed that I can have such dirty thoughts about him. He often remarks that he feels lucky to have found me—which seems strange since I’m constantly amazed that such a gorgeous man looks at me each day as if I hung the moon.

“You’re going to kill me one day,” he grunts next to me. He finds the energy to tweak one of my nipples and laughs in delight as I shiver. He has a new favorite plaything, and in true Lucian style, he’ll dedicate himself to exploring it fully.

“Hands off the merchandise, Mr. Quinn,” I scold as I push him away. “I have school in a few hours and I don’t want to have pokies showing through my top.” He seems to find my grumbling hilarious and I can’t hold back my smile. I love seeing him happy and more like himself this morning. I find myself unexpectedly weepy as I blurt out, “I’m so proud of you.”

“I was that good?” he jokes. Obviously…sex is still on his brain.

To my horror, I begin crying, causing him to stiffen as he hears a sob. “Lia, baby, what’s going on?” He sits up abruptly, flipping on a bedside lamp. “Did I hurt you?” He looks frantic now, all traces of humor gone. His hands are running over my body as if seeking an injury.

“No…no, I’m fine,” I try to assure him. “I have no idea why I’m doing this. I was just so happy you were laughing, and then I started thinking about how proud I am that you’re getting clean, and going through so much for me and the baby.” I’m a full-on bawling mess now and Lucian looks helpless and bewildered. I sit up and climb into his lap, wrapping my arms around him. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

His arms close around me and he softly strokes my back. Finally, he says, “I think it’s the hormones. All of the pregnancy symptoms seem to be hitting you at once. You were sick this morning, now the crying and the sore breasts. You’re pregnant and your body is letting you know.”

“Really?” I look up at him in dismay. “You don’t think I’m going to be like this all the time now, do you? I hate crying.”

He looks as if he’s doing his best to stifle a grin as he keeps a straight face. “I don’t know, baby, maybe we can ask the doctor about that. Your first appointment is coming up soon.”

“Is it getting any easier?” I ask him, and then wonder if he’ll even know what I’m talking about.

He studies me for a moment, wiping the moisture from my cheek. “Yes, it’s better. I’m not going to lie, I’m still struggling, but the medicine I finally agreed to try is helping with the cravings. The last few days have been somewhat easier. I don’t feel as if I’m about to crawl out of my skin or explode and lash out at whoever is unlucky enough to be near.” Wincing, he adds, “I’m probably going to owe everyone at the office a big raise after this.”

“I’m sure they understand, Lucian. They are probably as proud of you as I am.”

“Only Sam and Aidan know,” he admits. “Cindy has no idea, or at least I hope she doesn’t. She’d probably have beaten my ass by now if she did. I’m quite sure Sam wants to keep it that way, too.”

“Why would Sam care if Cindy knew?” I ask. Maybe he thinks she’ll be upset with Lucian and wants to protect him.

Lucian studies me for a moment, looking as if he’s carefully weighing his answer before he runs a hand through his hair and sighs. “I’ve told you I don’t want secrets between us, but I ask that you not mention this to anyone. It could cause problems if it got back to the wrong people.” When I nod my agreement, he says, “Sam is the one that got me the coke. He has a family connection that deals with a bit of everything.” He holds up my hand when my expression turns angry. I’m ready to explode. I can’t understand how someone who seems to love Lucian so much could do something so detrimental to his health. “I asked Sam to do it. He argued with me and actually quit. When he found out that I’d gotten it from someone else, he was resigned. He said he would rather know where it was coming from than have me getting it from someone off the street. I won’t go into the rest of the conversation, but just understand that he knew I was going to do it no matter what he said and it was the only way he felt he could protect me.”

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