She gives him a shy smile in response. “Thanks for inviting us. I enjoyed it.” She doesn’t make any commitments to coming again, but he looks hopeful all the same. I place my hand on the small of her back and lead her to the Range Rover. We’re almost halfway home when she says, “I owe you an apology. It was wrong of me just to spring that on you. I really don’t have an excuse.”

I just shrug my shoulders, now having gotten over my irritation of our impromptu breakfast with Lee. “You don’t have to be afraid to tell me anything, Lia. I wouldn’t have tried to talk you out of it.”

She reaches over to put a hand on my shoulder. “Oh, Luc, I know that. I think I just didn’t want to commit to going in case I backed out at the last minute. Up until the moment I took a seat at the table, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay.” Sounding timid she asks, “It went okay though, don’t you think? I mean I still get really angry when I think of all the years he wasn’t around, but it doesn’t seem fair to hate him for something he didn’t know was happening.”

“I understand you’re torn over your feelings, baby,” I say carefully. “I think it would be difficult not to feel that way. I also believe that Lee probably has enough regrets to last him a lifetime. I’m not sure where that leaves you two, but he seemed thrilled to see you.”

“I resigned myself years ago to not having a father in my life. It’s hard for me to believe he’s here now. That we’ve been in the same city all along. I never imagined that. At first, I figured he lived far away and that was why he never came to see me. Then, after a while, I figured he must be dead. Otherwise, he would have come to save me.” My hands tighten on the steering wheel and I fight to keep my expression blank. “When I think about that, I get so angry. But I’m also drawn to him. I want to push him away, but in the same breath, I want to ask him never to leave. He reminds me a lot of you,” she adds in a lighter voice.

I look at her quickly in surprise before putting my attention back on the road. “How’s that possible? I’m much better looking,” I joke. Being compared to your girlfriend’s father probably wouldn’t be the highlight of most men’s day.

She giggles, relaxing back into her seat. “I’m not talking about your appearance although you both seem to love those power suits. It’s just the way you carry yourselves.”

“I could say something really dirty here, but I’m refraining since you keep grouping me with your father.”

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that,” she groans. “Anyway, I just meant that it’s obvious you’re a successful man and that you don’t take any shit, for lack of a better word.”

Pondering her statement, I say, “I can live with that. I would prefer the word cocky to successful, but you told me that I couldn’t talk about that…”

Shaking her head, she sighs. “All roads lead there, don’t they?”

“Are you complaining?” I ask as we pull into the garage and park.

She surprises me by dropping her hand from my shoulder to my cock. “Oh no, Luc, I have no complaints at all.”

I feel myself stiffening in her hand as I bite back a groan. I push my hardening length against her hand. “You’re going to suck me off before I leave for work, Miss. Adams.”

Fuck all, if she doesn’t lick her plump lips and clasp me tighter. “I can’t wait,” she purrs as she unbuckles her seatbelt and races out the door. Damn, I love that girl.

Chapter Nine


I throw another pair of jeans on the discarded pile of clothing in the middle of the closet. It seems as if almost overnight, I can no longer fit into anything but my yoga pants—and they are getting tight. My panties are also too small and ride uncomfortably up my crack. I solved that problem earlier by snagging a pair of Lucian’s designer boxer briefs. I pulled the extra fabric in the waist together and secured it with a rubber band. Even my breasts look as if they are going to explode from the lacy cups of my bra. Dear Lord, what is happening to me? No one who throws up every day should be gaining this kind of weight.

I hadn’t heard Lucian walk up behind me so I squeak in alarm when he says, “Did I miss the hurricane that blew through here?”

Grabbing a shirt from a hanger, I hold it self-consciously in front of my no longer flat stomach. “I can’t find anything to wear.” I pout. “All of my pants are too tight now.”

“Ah, come on, baby, I’m sure we can find something.” He tugs the shirt from my hands and studies his modified boxers on me. “Those look pretty fucking hot on you.” He leers at me as if we hadn’t just made love less than an hour ago.

“Really?” I snap, pointing to my stomach. “Well, you must have a thing for fluffy girls then. Look at me! How many women grow out of their clothes overnight?”

He makes the mistake of laughing and I see red. I’m in a hormonal rage as I begin poking my fingers into the chiseled muscles of his abdomen. “Sure, laugh it up. Go ahead with your sexy self and laugh at me. Let’s see how funny it is when I sit in the middle of the bed and gorge myself on a pint of ice cream tonight.” He’s just staring at me in shock now, which makes me try harder to get a reaction other than laughter out of him. “Oh and, by the way, we won’t be having any more sex. I hope you got enough this morning because it’s all up to you and your hand from now on, buddy.”

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