I turn to leave the closet, intent on stalking off in a blaze of glory. Before I take more than two steps, he’s in front of me, lifting me off my feet and into his arms. I open my mouth to unleash a new wave of threats, when he suddenly pushes me back against the wall, settling between my legs. His cock is nestled against my core with only a thin layer of fabric keeping him from being inside me. My overly horny body goes wild at his proximity as I fight to stay in control. He pushes his hips against me as his lips suck the sensitive skin of my neck. “No more sex, baby?”

“Nope,” I manage to croak out as I tighten my legs around his waist, grinding myself against his length.

“That’s too bad,” he says as he tweaks one of my nipples through the lace of my bra. “Because I would almost certainly fuck you right now. I’d push my cock into your tight little pussy and pound you until you couldn’t walk straight for days.”

“Oh, dear God,” I moan as I feel liquid soak the boxers I’m wearing.

I know he feels the damp fabric as he pushes his cock harder against me. “I’d love to make you come, baby, but you just don’t seem that interested in what I’ve got to offer.”

As he begins to pull back, I grip him in panic. “No. No! Lucian, fuck me, don’t stop!”

I expect him to tease me some more. Maybe make me beg him for it, so I’m surprised when instead he unleashes his alpha side. He shifts me in his arms until he somehow manages to strip the boxers from my hips before pulling down his own. His cock is at my slippery entrance and I’m writhing against him. His hips pin me to the wall as he curves a hand around my neck. “You’re mine and I fucking love every inch of your body. Never call yourself names or think I don’t want you because you own me.” With that, he plunges deep, and in only moments, we’re both coming.

After, we shower quickly and he hands me a loose skirt and top that he picked out. He even manages to keep a straight face when he grabs another pair of his boxers and uses the same rubber band to secure the waistband. “I can take you shopping this evening when I get home.”

I grimace; the last thing I want my ultra-fit boyfriend to do is help me pick out maternity clothes. I have to draw the line somewhere. “That’s okay. I’ll see if Rose can go to the mall with me. She loves to shop.”

Lucian gives me a smile of wry amusement. “She’s pretty singular in her taste, though. You might end up at the repressed housewife outlet store.”

I try to keep a straight face, but it’s impossible. A giggle escapes before I can slap my hand over my mouth. “I’m going to tell her you said that.”

“I’m terrified,” he deadpans.

“You probably should be,” I reply, completely serious. He looks at me for a moment and then nods his agreement.

“Yeah, how about keeping all of that to yourself. I don’t need her trying to take me out. She’s already made a few subtle threats about the new gun her daddy bought her.”

I know I should be shocked, but after all of the crap Rose did to Jake, I’m somewhat used to her ways now. I’m also certain she would set her sights on Lucian in a minute if she thought he was hurting me. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll protect you,” I smirk as I finish dressing. “Besides, I think she’s got enough problems of her own right now without worrying about us.”

“Max still giving her a run for her money?” he jokes as he buttons his dress shirt.

“I believe that might be over. We were talking several weeks ago and she told me that her father is putting a lot of pressure on her to date someone that he knows. She seemed to think things were never going to progress any further with Max.” Giving him a worried look, I say, “She’s not happy, though. I mean, she says all of the usual Rose things, but it’s as if she’s just going through the motions.”

Lucian studies me thoughtfully for a moment before admitting, “I know he likes her. I’ve never seen him so frazzled before—especially over a woman. She’s a lot on the scary side, but she’s good for him. Despite everything he says to the contrary, he doesn’t want her to leave him alone.”

Feeling sad about the whole thing, I say, “Well, if what she’s telling me is true, then she hasn’t been contacting him. Maybe…you could give him a push?”

He gives me a skeptical look before asking, “And you think Max will listen to me? You’d probably have more luck with Rose.”

“I told you that Rose is…just not herself. She needs Max to bring her back around. I think she wanted more from him than sex, even though she talked about that a lot.”

Rolling his eyes, he says, “That’s great to hear. I like the fact that my girlfriend discusses sexual fantasies about my lawyer with her friend. I guess I should be thankful they haven’t slept together yet. Otherwise, you’d have more knowledge of him than I could handle.”

“Aww,” I coo as I slide my feet into a pair of low-heeled sandals. “You know you’re the only one I want to see or imagine naked. When you’ve got the best, why would you possibly think about the rest?” I squeal in shock as he grabs me from behind and swings me around.

“I fucking love you and your smart mouth.” He laughs before putting me back on my feet.

The doorbell chimes before I can reply. I know it’s Sam so I take off in that direction to let him in. A quick glance through the peephole confirms my assumption and I throw open the door. “Morning, Sam,” I say as I step back to wave him in.

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