Finishing his second cigarette, he says, “I’m tired, Luc. I’ve spent years running back and forth to put out fires where needed. I need to take some time off and decide where I go next. I want to be able to say that I gave her a fighting chance to recover. Even if nothing changes, I think I’d be able to move on knowing I really tried.”

“No one could ever say you didn’t try. She’s damn lucky to have you in her life.” I extend a hand to him and then pull him into a hug when he takes it. We both step back after that, attempting to collect ourselves. “Take all the time you need.” I don’t bother to say it aloud, but I’ll continue to pay him just as if he never left. Aidan is a part of Quinn Software just as he is a part of me and I’ll always have his back, no matter what. Even without that, he’s a partner in the company and will never hurt for money. It’s almost impossible for me to imagine him not part of my daily life.

“I’ll finish up things with Kenson by the end of the week, and then I’m going to take off. I’ll still be in town every few weeks to check on my apartment.”

“Let me know if you need anything at all,” I offer sincerely.

“You just take care of Lia.” He smiles. “Sam has already told everyone far and near that there will be a little girl Quinn in the near future.”

With everything that’s happened, I’d forgotten that my best friend didn’t know about our ultrasound results on Friday. Fuck, it’s hard to believe it has only been a few days since then. We walk back downstairs, joking about terrifying future boys who dare to look at my daughter. My heart is heavy though because I feel as if I’m finally living my life while my friend is losing his.

Chapter Twelve


I’m standing at the door waiting when Lucian gets home. He’d told me earlier about Aidan leaving the company for a while. Even though he tried to make light of it, I knew better. They were brothers for all intents and purposes and were rarely apart for long stretches of time. “Hey,” I say softly as he pushes the door closed behind him. He gives me a questioning look as I take his hand and lead him toward the bedroom. When we get there, he watches me with solemn eyes as I slowly begin to undress him. “I love you,” I say as sprinkle kisses over his newly uncovered chest.

“You too, baby,” he breathes out as he runs his hands up and down my arms. I step back to unbuckle his belt, intent only on his pleasure. “I just want to love you tonight,” he says hoarsely as he scoops me up into his arms and deposits me on the bed. I’m wearing one of my new sundresses, and he growls out his approval as he shoves the material up and studies my boy shorts. “I fucking love these,” he says reverently as he cups my sex through the thin material. I don’t even dwell on the fact that my stomach now hangs out well beyond my underwear because I can see and hear how much he wants me.

He slides the shorts down and drapes my legs over his shoulders. I almost swallow my tongue. I know what’s next and my toes curl in anticipation. Lucian was the first man ever to go down on me, and I can’t imagine there is anyone who could hold a candle to him. The things he can do with his fingers, mouth, and tongue are probably illegal in more than a few states. My body bows off the bed at the first swipe of his tongue up my slit. “Luc,” I cry out as my sex clenches. He sets a leisurely pace as if trying to prolong the moment, but when he pushes two fingers into me while sucking on my clit, I go off like a detonating bomb. Since I’ve been pregnant, my orgasm always seems to be right below the surface, a fact that fascinates Lucian. Before I can recover, he pulls back and I feel his cock at my entrance. I whimper, pushing shamelessly forward as I attempt to force him inside me. Instead, he circles my sensitive nub, and I try to jerk away. “Too much,” I moan. “Fuck me, Luc, please.”

That’s all it takes. He loves it when I talk dirty during sex. His big cock powers forward before he stops. “Okay?” he asks before moving again. He’s always worried about hurting the baby or me. I rock into him, giving him the answer he seeks. With a groan, he unleashes. I’m coming again within minutes. He somehow maneuvers until he’s under me on the bed, and I’m sitting astride him. As my stomach has gotten bigger, we’ve moved to positions that keep the weight off me. Oh, how I miss feeling him pressing me into the mattress. But being on top with his hands free to roam is a big slice of heaven as well. His fingers tweak my tender nipples and I feel the tug immediately between my legs. Just as I think I couldn’t possibly come again, he pushes his hips up just as I drop down and I explode. I shriek loud enough to wake the neighbors as Lucian’s wet heat shoots inside of me. I collapse against his chest, and as soon as he’s recovered, he lifts me gently, placing me at his side.

Lucian caresses my stomach tenderly as he does so often now. I feel myself beginning to drift off when his hand jerks. “Holy shit! Did you feel that?”

“It’s the baby kicking,” I murmur. I’ve been feeling it for a few weeks, but Lucian hasn’t been able to yet. As his words register, I grab his arm. “You felt her kick?”

His face is full of wonder and joy as he studies my stomach intently. “Shhh, we might scare her off. Be very still.” I stifle a grin at his words but humor him by not moving. When I feel the ripple of another movement, I can tell by the excitement on his face that he felt it, too. “She’s really in there, isn’t she?” he asks in awe.

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