Chapter Fifteen


It had taken some time for us to say our goodbyes and make our way back to the apartment. Lucian keeps darting quick glances my way. He knew that something was wrong the moment I returned from the restroom at Leo’s. I have no idea where Monique went, but she wasn’t brave enough to join the party. I was almost hoping she’d be that stupid—Rose would have enjoyed that.

As is now almost an evening routine, he pulls me down next to him on the sofa and slips my shoes off. His fingers begin kneading my sore and slightly swollen feet. I moan in bliss, losing myself for a moment in the magic of his touch. “You have no idea how good that feels.” I sigh as I feel some of my tension draining away. “Why were you with Monique today?” His hands freeze and I have my answer. About that at least, she hadn’t lied. As I suspected, something is going on. Regardless of his past with Cassie, I know in my heart that he would break up with me before he would hurt me by cheating.

He looks into my eyes then his gaze drops to my stomach. I can almost see him wondering if I can handle whatever he hasn’t told me. Finally, he moves again, continuing his massage. “How did you know?” He sounds genuinely curious, possibly thinking that someone in his inner circle told me. “I knew something had happened earlier. Your mood changed in the blink of an eye.”

I know this next part will piss him off so I brace myself. “Monique was waiting for me in the bathroom when I came out of the stall.”

He gapes at me in astonishment. “You’re fucking kidding me? I swear to all that’s holy, if she laid a finger on you—” His eyes dart over me, taking a quick inventory as if looking for injuries.

I cup his clenching jaw, forcing him to look at me. “Luc, I’m fine. She didn’t touch me. I’m not some helpless wallflower,” I grumble. “Now, tell me what’s going on. If I had known, it would have taken some of the pleasure from her surprise ambush,” I chide lightly but mean every word. Monique had all the power tonight because she knew something that I didn’t, which pisses me off.

By the time he finishes with all that has happened in the last week, my mouth is flapping open and closed. “I guess you didn’t see that one coming either, did you?” he asks dryly as he studies my dazed expression. “Aidan had court papers served to him last week concerning another party challenging him for Cassie’s guardianship. Max found out who April Chester really was just minutes before the hearing was to begin.”

“Do you believe that whole story of an abusive husband?” I ask, thinking it sounds like something out of a movie.

“Her lawyer supposedly supplied the judge with all of the supporting paperwork to prove her story. It still seems crazy to me, but Aidan needs to decide how he wants to handle it.”

“But doesn’t it concern you as well?” I ask, surprised by his statement. If there is one thing I’ve learned, Aidan and Lucian may disagree, but they are very much a brotherhood.

He shifts until I’m sitting in his lap with my head tucked under his chin. “Not directly anymore, no. I transferred full authority to Aidan, and he is the person Monique will seek to replace. If that happens, I could pursue legal channels to recoup some of the expense I’ve incurred through the years.”

“Does Monique have that kind of money? I know she runs in the same social circles as you, but I just assumed—”

“That she got there on her back?” Lucian asks, sounding amused. He hugs me to him tighter. “Don’t feel bad, I’ve always been of the same mind about her. Truthfully, she was never close enough to me to bother checking. I hadn’t intended to go after her financially, but she made a serious misstep tonight in approaching you. I know in my gut this is about more than Cassie.” He leans back until he can cradle my face in both hands. His beautiful eyes are intense as they lock onto mine. “I’ll fucking bury her if she ever dares pulls such shit again. I don’t need or particularly care about her money, but I’ll take every penny I can get my hands on if she even looks at you from across the street.”

“Luc,” I protest weakly, “I’m fine.” I hold my arm to the side and flex my muscle. “I can hold my own against Cruella any day of the week.”

He chuckles looking delighted with my joke. “Please tell me you called her that to her face tonight…”

Giving him a wicked grin, I say, “You’re damn right I did…and she hated it!”

“God, I love you,” he whispers fervently. “You’re perfect for me.” He lifts me into his arms and carries me to the bedroom before putting me gently onto my feet. We take turns removing each other’s clothes before Lucian positions me on the bed in what has become my favorite position. He is behind me, wrapped around my body, with my leg thrown over his. Being Lucian, he had researched the best sexual positions during pregnancy and this one is certainly a winner. His erection is rubbing against my ass as his hand wanders over my stomach, rubbing it lovingly before taking my sensitive peaks in his fingers and tweaking them.

“Ah, Luc, that feels so good,” I moan as wave after wave of heat shoots to my core.

“It’s your magic tits, baby; they do all the work for me now.” I giggle before another moan escapes me as he drops one hand to my throbbing clit. “You’re so wet for me,” he murmurs against my ear as he slides one finger easily into me. I ride his hand restlessly, needing more to push me over the edge. “Just say those dirty words that I want to hear and it’s all yours,” he rasps as his cock nudges me.

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