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“Please tell me that you’re my birthday present,” I say, moving in closer to her.

Turning her head, she grins at me over her shoulder. I know she remembers that that’s the first thing I ever said to her. I can see it in her beautiful eyes.

She moves out from under the hood, wiping her hands on a rag. Oil smudged on her cheek, she comes over to me.

God, she’s fucking beautiful. I’ll never tire of looking at her.

“It’s your birthday?” she says, tilting her head with a sexy smile on her face, in that voice of hers that gets my dick hard.

She’s playing along.

God, I love her.

At least I get to fuck her this time—unlike the first time when we spoke these words to each other. That nut took me fucking months to crack.

“It is.”

Reaching me, she runs her fingers up my chest as she presses her body against mine, and I instantly want to fuck her.

Sliding my hands around her back and downward, I grab her arse.

“Guess I’d better make it extra special for you then.”

There’s a glint in her eye that’s getting me all kinds of excited.

Removing the oil smear from her cheek with my thumb, I tell her, “You already do make everything extra special, babe.”

The glint goes, and she gets that watery happy smile in her eyes that she always gets when I say soppy shit to her.

I love that look.

Bringing her lips to mine, she gives me a soft kiss, making all of me stand to attention, but then she’s moving away all too quick.

“What time is it?” She looks around for the clock.

“Time for you to get your hot self ready.” I give her behind a playful swat. “We have dinner reservations in an hour.”

“Shit! It’s that time already?”


“Sorry, baby. Have I been neglecting you on your birthday?”

“A little.” I give a pout before kissing her again.

I’m playing it here, going for a sympathy shag. They’re always the best as she goes to town on me when she’s feeling guilty about something. And don’t give me crap because you know you’d do the same.

“But you can make it up to me in the shower.” I grin over her lips.

“I’m gonna suck you so hard,” she murmurs.

Holy fuck.

Hands still on her arse, I lift her up, loving the way her long legs instinctively wrap around me. And I start walking out of there, carrying her back to the house. While I’m moving, she unzips her overalls, giving me a fan-fucking-tastic view of her tits, and I can see the McQueen necklace that I bought her hanging around her neck.

She never takes it off. She told me she kept it on the whole time we were apart. I’m just hoping there’s something else she’ll never take off either soon.

But definitely not her clothes. No, they’ll be disappearing in a few seconds.

At the sight of her tits and the thought of her blow jobs, I pick up speed, practically running into the house, making her laugh.

I fucking love that sound. It makes my heart beat faster and my dick as hard as nails. But then, it doesn’t take much because everything about her makes me hard.

I have her naked and in that shower in minutes. Another minute, and she’s down on her knees, giving me the best birthday present a guy could ask for.

We’re in my car, and I’m driving. Andressa is in the passenger seat, her hand in mine. She looks stunning, wearing a short black dress that gives me plenty of legs to look at.

She’s also not wearing any underwear. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to kill me. I’m definitely fucking her in the restroom at the restaurant. I don’t care what she says. There’s only so much teasing a man can take.

Actually, thinking on it, I might get to be inside her before we even reach the restaurant—resting on the fact that things go as I hope they will.

Andressa thinks we’re going straight to the restaurant, but there’s a detour we have to make first.

I was feeling all relaxed after the spectacular blow job she had given me in the shower and the amazing sex straight after, but now, I’m all tense again. I’ve been feeling tense for the last few days.

I take the third exit on the roundabout, heading toward Heath and Reach.

“Babe, you took the wrong exit,” she says, tapping her fingers against my hand.

“I meant to. I need to just nip into Rybell. I left something there.”

“But we’ll be late to the restaurant.”

“We’re good. We’ve got time.”

We’re meeting my dad, Katia, John, Petra, and Ben at the restaurant.

Andressa’s mum is here, visiting. She wouldn’t stay with us. She said we needed our privacy, so she’s staying in Andressa’s apartment. I think she just didn’t want to be stuck under the same roof with her daughter and me going at it all the time. I have a hard time keeping my hands off my girl, if you haven’t already figured that out.

We reach Rybell in no time. I park in front of the darkened building and turn the engine off.

My heart starts to pump in my chest.

“Shall I wait in the car?” she asks me.

“No! Come in with me.” My words come out sharp, my voice sounding weird.

And she notices, her brow rising. She stares at me for a moment, and I can feel my nerves exploding like a motherfucking bomb inside of me.

Don’t question me, babe, please.

Her face relaxes, and she lets out a laugh. “You scared to go in there alone in the dark?”