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“Yeah, I’m shit scared of the dark. I need you to cover me in case any bogeymen jump out.”

Letting out another sweet laugh, she frees her seat belt and gets out of the car.

Okay, that part was easy. Now, for the not-so-easy part.

Unlocking the main door of the building, I let us in, turn on the lights, and lock the door behind us.

“So, where did you leave—what was it you left?”

“It’s in the garage. Come on.” Grabbing her hand, I start leading her there.

I came earlier to set up. I’d given her some bullshit reason that Pierce needed to see me. What I needed was a little time to make this perfect.

Dad said he’d light the candles before going to the restaurant. I’m just hoping the fuckers haven’t burned out. I want everything to be just right.

I push open the garage door a touch to see the flickering illumination.

Still good. I take a deep breath and push the door open all the way, leading her through.

I’ve set the garage up exactly as it was the day I met her, which wasn’t exactly hard. All it needed was my car to be here and in the spot it was on that day with its hood up. The only thing it’s missing is her beautiful self underneath that hood.

Candles are littered everywhere in the room. Around the car, I set them out in the shape of a heart. And I’ve got “Dangerous” playing on a loop.

I’m a soppy fuck, but I don’t care because it’s worth it to see the look on her face right now. Her eyes are wide, and she has the biggest smile.

She looks the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her.



I seize the fact that she’s lost for words. I’m not wasting time. If I do, then I’ll lose my nerve and fuck this up.

I can’t fuck this up.

Standing before her, I take her hands in mine and say what I’ve needed to say for a long while now, “From the moment I saw you in here, Andressa…you had me. I knew my life was about to change. And it has, beyond my wildest dreams. I used to think the only place I could truly feel alive was on the track, but I now know different. I feel most alive when I’m with you. You challenge me. You make me the happiest I’ve ever been. You make me laugh like no one can. You love me like I didn’t know possible. But most importantly, you make me a better man.”

My hands are shaking, my heart pumping. I can feel her hands trembling in mine. I’m just praying that’s a good sign.

“I want to keep feeling this way for the rest of my life, so that’s why I brought you here.” I pull the ring box from my pocket.

She gasps. Pulling her hand from mine, it covers her mouth.

“I want to ask you in the very place on the very day that you changed my life if you’d consider sharing yours with me. Let me change your life. Let me give back to you everything you’ve already given to me.” I drop to one knee and pop the box open. “Will you marry me, Andressa?”

She’s staring at me and then at the ring, back and forth her eyes go. Her hand is still covering her mouth as a tear runs down her cheek, quickly followed by another and another.

My mouth is dry, my heart beating like a motherfucker. I’ve never been as scared in my whole life as I am right now.


“Yes,” she whispers, moving her hand from her mouth.


“Yes! A million times, yes!” She smiles big. And my heart explodes with relief, and pure fucking happiness.

Hands shaking like a bitch, I get the ring from the box, and I slide it onto the only finger it was ever meant to be on.

Then, I’m on my feet, pulling her to me. Claiming her mouth, I kiss her like it’s not enough because it never will be with her. I’ll always want more.

Pulling back from me, she stares at me with glittering eyes. “So…we’re getting married?” She sounds like she almost doesn’t believe this is happening.

My heart tightens in my chest. “Yeah, babe, we’re getting married.”

And I smile on the knowledge that I’m about to enter the most exciting race of my life, and there’s no one else I’d want to be in it with than her.