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First time? There’s going to be more than one?

“And you can speak your Brazilian filth to me while I fuck you as well.”

My mouth drops open. He’s such a…Neanderthal! But God…so hot.

Carrick reaches to the nightstand and gets a condom from the drawer. I try not to think of how many of the condoms from that pack have already been used on other women.

He has the condom on in record time, and he is back on me, pinning my body with his with my hands above my head. Without another word, he thrusts inside me.

I gasp at the fullness of him, my body tensing around him.

He stills, his whole body rigid, and his eyes close tight, almost like he’s in pain. “Jesus…you’re so fucking tight.”

His eyes open, and the look in them makes my breath catch and my heart pound.

“How long has it really been?” He knows my little I-said-I-haven’t-been-in-a-relationship-in-two-years-not-that-I-haven’t-been-with-anyone speech at the party was bullshit.

I close my eyes. “A while…but not long enough to seal me back up to virgin status. Maybe you’re just really big.” I push a smile onto my lips as I lift my legs and slide them around his back.

I feel his responding chuckle vibrate through me. “Not arguing with you there, babe. But tell me, how long? I want to know.” He brushes his lips over mine, making me quiver with need.

I open my eyes to his, a blush creeping on my cheeks. I’m not used to talking about past conquests with present guys, especially not with one who is currently inside me. “Eighteen months or so.”

“How is that even possible?” He shakes his head, disbelieving. “Not that I’m complaining.”

I shrug, looking away. “Honestly, I don’t know. There just hasn’t been anyone I wanted to sleep with, I guess.”

That brings a cocky grin to his face. “Yet here I am.” He nudges his hips against mine, pushing his cock in further.

Holding back a moan, I playfully swat his arm. “Are we gonna talk about my sexual history all night? Or are you actually going to fuck me?”

Bringing his face down to mine again, he kisses me, nipping my lower lip with his teeth. He licks the sting away. “Oh, I’m definitely going to fuck you.” He pulls out and slams back in hard but then stills again.

Releasing my hands, he traps my head between his forearms, his fingers threading into my hair. He stares down at me, and something in his expression changes. I get the sudden feeling of falling.

“Andressa, this…with you, is so much better than I ever imagined it could be.”

My breath catches, leaving me feeling off balance. I close my eyes.

“Just…fuck me, Carrick…please.”

“Open your eyes.”

The moment I do, he pulls out of me and then, drives back inside, all the while holding my stare. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” I moan.

His grip on my hair tightens as he starts to fuck me, slamming in and out, my body pinned to the bed by his.

“More…harder,” I beg.

Dipping his head, he kisses me with all the desperation I know I’m feeling as he pounds in and out of me, giving me exactly what I want.

Then, he’s kneeling up and taking hold of my leg, moving it around to the other side of his body. Tilting my hips, he starts up again, this time with slower thrusts. His fingers find me, and he starts to tease my clit.

“Carrick…” I moan.

“That’s it, babe.” His voice is raw and raspy as his tempo increases, moving in and out of me with confident hard thrusts.

Then, without warning, I’m coming, crying out his name. It’s like a mirror of explosions, all ricocheting off one another, never-ending, creating the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had.


I blink open my eyes at the tone in Carrick’s voice. His eyes are on me and filled with what I think is awe.

“What?” I whisper shyly. Was I too loud? I’ve been known to be quite vocal at times.

“Nothing.” He shakes his head, blinking rapidly. “You just…I’ve never…felt anything like that before.”

I suddenly have this feeling like someone is standing on my chest.

I place my hand over the ache.

Leaning in, he kisses me again, deeply, his tongue tangling with mine.

The next thing I know, he’s breaking away from my lips, and I’m moving, being lifted up. Carrick sits back on his haunches, bringing me with him to sit in his lap, with my back against his chest and my legs on either side of his.

And he does all of that while keeping his cock inside me. The man is a goddamn magician.

“Ride me,” he groans in my ear as his hands slide up to cup my breasts. He starts to tease my nipples, gently tugging on them.

My head falls back, desire flooding me. Gripping his arms for support, I rise up on my knees, feeling his cock easily glide out of me, and then I slam back down on him.

“Fuck. Yeah, just like that,” he growls, his grip on my breasts increasing.

Feeling empowered at how I’m making him feel, I start to ride him like I’m a goddamn porn star. Okay, maybe porn star is pushing it, but I’m doing a damn fine job, if I do say so myself, and Carrick seems like he’s enjoying it from the words of heated praise he keeps groaning in my ear.

His hand slips between my legs, his fingers touching my clit again, but I’m still overly sensitive from my epic orgasm only minutes ago.