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And I really need to get the hell out of here.

I step away from the bed, and being as quiet as humanly possible, I tiptoe around, picking up my discarded clothing.

Taking them with me, I go into the living room and dress quietly and quickly.

Remembering that my clutch is still in Carrick’s jacket pocket, I retrieve it from where we left it in the entryway last night in my haste to get it off him.

Memories of last night flood my mind. Carrick kissing me in this very spot, touching me…how much I wanted him. My body starts to ache to go back to him, to curl myself around him and never let go.

It would be so easy to take this dress back off, go in there, slide back into his arms, and wait to see what would happen when he wakes up.

But I can’t.

So, I hang his jacket up on the hook. And with my heels and clutch in hand, I quietly let myself out of his suite.

I go to the elevator. The hotel is dead. I check the time on my phone—6:03 a.m.

When the elevator arrives, I get in the empty space and press the button to my floor.

Padding barefoot down the hall to my room—thankfully not seeing a soul—I slot the key card in the door, trying to be as quiet as possible, so not to wake Petra. But the sound of the lock clicking open sounds really loud in the quiet.

Closing the door softly behind me, I move through the room, placing my shoes on the floor in the entryway. I put my clutch and key card down on the dresser.

“Seeing as though you’re coming home at the crack of dawn, I’ll take it that you had a good night?”

“Jesus!” I nearly jump out of my skin at the sound of Petra’s voice. “You frightened the shit out of me!” My heart is pounding like a bitch.

Laughing, she clicks the lamp on, temporarily blinding us both, and then she rolls over in bed to face me. “So, you shagged Carrick then?” She has the smuggest grin on her face.

Sitting down on the edge of my bed, I dig my toes into the carpet, and lift my shoulders, giving nothing away.

“Uh-uh. No way, missy. Spill. I need something to brighten my morning. I had a shit time last night.”

“Why? What happened?” I lift my head, concern furrowing my brow, knowing she went out with the boys last night.

“Oh, nothing major.” She waves it off. “It was just crap without you there, and Robbie was being a twat, like usual.”

I get a little glow, on the knowledge that she thinks her night would have been better with me there. “You know Robbie fancies you, right?” I grin.

“What? Robbie? No, he doesn’t…does he?” She meets my smiling eyes.

“Of course he does. It’s totally obvious from the way he looks at you all the time, all moon-eyed.”

She gives a little humph. “So, why does he act like a twat around me then?”

“Because…he’s a man.” I give a helpless shrug. I have zero clue as to why men are the way they are.

“Speaking of men and their weird ways—nice diversion tactic with Robbie, by the way—Carrick. Spill. I want deets.”

On a sigh, I say, “Yes, I had sex with him.”

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist him! Was he awesome? I’ve heard he fucks like a porn star.”

God, he absolutely does. But I don’t say that. I just stare down at my nicely painted fingernails.

“Oh my God. Was he bad?” She sounds aghast. Her hand is clamped over her mouth, eyes wide.

“No,” I hasten to say. “He was…great. Amazing.” Like nothing I’ve ever known before. “I just…I think I made a mistake by sleeping with him.”

“Why?” She gets out of bed and comes to sit by me. “Was he an arse afterward?”

“No, not at all. He was really sweet in fact, but I just…” I let out a sigh and rub my face.

“Are you worried that you’ll lose your job?”

My eyes widen with the shock of her words, worry hitting me full throttle. “Well, I wasn’t, but I am now. Do you think I’ll lose my job because I slept with him?”

“No,” she quickly says. “Amy only lost her job because it ended up in the news, and it was so close to all the Rich and Charlotte shit going down. There’s no way you’ll lose your job. John wouldn’t let it happen.”

“Yeah, I guess.” I sigh.

“So, what’s worrying you then? I mean, how did you guys leave it?”

“Um…well, we didn’t exactly leave it. Afterward, he asked me to stay, and we fell asleep. Then, I woke up, and Carrick was sleeping, so…I just kinda…left.”

“Oh my God! You snuck out!” She cackles. “Well, that makes a change. A woman sneaking out on Carrick. It’s usually him doing the running.”

I slide a glance to her. “You think he’ll be mad?”

“Nah, he’s…Carrick,” she says his name as though it’s an explanation. “But…he asked you to stay over after you guys had sex?” The tone of her voice has changed to surprise and curiosity.

“Mmhmm.” I start to chew on my thumbnail.

Petra swats at my hand, stopping me.

I give her a look, and then I let out another sigh. “I said I’d leave, so he could get some sleep, but he said he wanted me to stay, so I agreed.”



“Well, from what I’ve heard, Carrick doesn’t ask girls to sleep over. He usually pushes them out the door the second after he’s come.”