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I’m rewarded with a disapproving look.

“I just think…maybe it would be a mistake to leave with Leandro,” I quietly tell her.

“How? It’s not like you’re going to have sex with the guy. You’re just going to a party with him.”

“But I’m not going for the right reason,” I whisper. “I only said yes after Leandro told me that Carrick had warned him off me.”

“What” Her mouth pops open, forming an O. “You’re shitting me?”

I see a few of the guys heads turn at her yelling, one being Carrick’s.

“Pet…” I chastise, my eyes briefly meeting with Carrick’s curious ones.

“Shit. Sorry.” She puts her hand over her mouth and talks through her fingers. “He seriously did that?” she whispers.

“Yeah, he seriously did that, and it pissed me off. And then I found myself saying yes to going to this party with Leandro, but I’m going for the wrong reason.”

She takes her hand from her mouth and rests it on my shoulder. “Andi, if you were going to revenge shag Leandro—which I would totally recommend if you weren’t you—God, I would tell you to revenge shag that hot Brazilian until you couldn’t walk. But because you are you and I know you’d torture yourself for about a year after doing so, then I say no to any shagging. But I do say a big fat yes to going to this party with him.”

“But what if he tries to kiss me?”

“Then, snog his face off!”

I give her something between a disapproving and humorous look.

“Okay,” she says placatingly. “Let’s say he does try to kiss you and you don’t want him to, then you push him off and say no thanks. Seriously, honey, you’re overthinking this. Just go have fun with the hot older man.”

I bite my lip, hesitating.

“Look, do you want me to come with you? Act as a buffer?”

“Would you?” I brighten up. I’m such a chicken.

“Of course. A change of scenery would be good right now, and I’m sure Leandro has some hot friends at this party.”

I notice that something in her tone is off. “Petra, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is fine.” She smiles, and it’s as forced as mine have been all night.

I give her an unconvinced look. “You sure?”

She flicks a quick glance in Robbie’s direction. Then, she looks back at me, plastering a bright smile on her face. “Sure, I’m sure.”

She’s so not okay, but I’m not going to press it with her. She’ll tell me when she’s ready to.

“Thanks.” I wrap my arm around her shoulder, giving her a squeeze. “You know that you’re the best female friend I’ve ever had, right?”

“I’m the only female friend you’ve ever had.”


I give her a cheeky grin, and she laughs.

Reaching past Ben, she grabs her clutch off the table. “Right, boys, we’re loving and leaving you. See you all tomorrow.”

“Where are you going?” That’s Carrick, and he’s not looking at Petra. He’s looking at me.

I open my mouth, but nothing except for air comes out.

Thankfully, Petra notices my struggle and answers for me, “Leandro Silva just invited Andi to a party, so we’re going there.”

His eyes widen, anger sparking to life in them.

Feeling uncomfortable, I avert my eyes to the floor. I don’t even dare to look at Sienna right now.

“Sacking us off for a rival team?” Ben dramatically slaps a hand to his chest. “That hurts.”

“Sorry, Benny Boy, you know I love you, but no way can a girl turn down a night partying with Leandro Silva.” Petra flashes him a smile.

Tugging me by the hand, she leads me off into the crowd, heading back to the bar where Leandro awaits.

We’ve made it halfway when I feel a hand curl around my arm, pulling me to a stop.


I lose my hold on Petra. She casts a glance over her shoulder.

Seeing that Carrick is behind me, she nods her head in the direction of the bar. “I’ll go introduce myself to Leandro. See you in a few.”

I give her an uneasy smile, and then I watch as she goes.

Heart pounding, I turn to face Carrick. “What do you want?” My words come out short.

Hurt flickers across his countenance, but that doesn’t stop him from saying what he’s here to say, “Are you really leaving with Silva?”

“To go to a party, yes.”

“He’s bad news, Andressa.”

“He seems okay to me.” I fold my arms over my chest.

“He’s a player. He uses women for sex and then discards them like trash.”

“So do you.”

Sighing, he shakes his head. “But we’re not talking about me. I just…” He pinches the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

Dropping his hand, he stares at me, and I can’t tell if it’s pity or sadness that’s in his eyes right now.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt. Silva is only using you to get at me, to try to psych me out for the next race because I beat him today. It’s how he works.”

Okay, so it was pity.

He thinks I can only get a man when one is trying to psych him out for his next race.

Mother-effing bastard.

“Wow!” I let out an incredulous laugh. “So, you’re telling me that he’s just using me to get at you? Do you have any idea how bloody arrogant that sounds? You know what, Carrick? Fuck you!”