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“No! And I don’t want to know!” I gasp, hot tears instantly hitting my eyes.

I try to struggle free but to no avail. His hold on me is too strong.

“You. I thought of you every single time. I imagined that she was you. And yeah, I know how screwed up that is, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I can’t get you out of my head. And do you know what the worst thing is?”

There’s something in his tone, something so solemn that makes me turn my face to his, finding his expression just as grave. It makes my heart twist.

“It’s that you don’t even want to be in here.” He taps a finger to his head. “The one girl that I want, and she doesn’t want me.”

I feel crushed.

“Carrick, I do want you. I just can’t—”

The rest of my words are swallowed up by his kiss.

“Don’t…” he rumbles against my lips. “I don’t want to hear the can’t right now. I just want to hear the want.” He slides his fingers into my hair, tilting my head back so that I’m looking directly in his eyes. “Just tell me that you want me.”

I do want him.

My body is vibrating with the need I feel for him.

The need I always feel for him.

The need I’m constantly trying to bury.

But I can’t bury it tonight.

Closing my eyes, I let out a breath. “I want you.”

His lips come down hard on mine, his hand fisting my hair. I turn in his arms, pressing my breasts against his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck, as he devours me with the most intense kiss I’ve ever had.

“I need to be inside you,” he says, panting against my mouth.

My eyes open to find his on mine, and they are filled with a raw possessiveness, casting a sexual spell over me. And I let it take me over.


The word is barely out before I’m moving, being pulled through the bar. Pushing through a door, he tugs me inside, and I find myself in a deserted stairwell.

Everything happens pretty quickly after that.

Carrick’s mouth crashes down onto mine as he pushes me up against the door. His hands are everywhere, like he can’t touch enough of me. And my hands are pretty much the same.

I’m just absolute desperation.

My body is craving the feel and taste of him, remembering how amazing it feels to have him inside me.

Then, my skirt is being pushed up over my hips, and my knickers are torn off with one snap of the elastic. Carrick plunges his finger deep inside me. A whimper of pleasure falls from my lips as my head falls back against the door.

I’m lost, drowning in sensation.

“Always so wet for me,” he growls.

Meeting his eyes, I grab his cock through his trousers. “Always so hard for me.”

He pushes himself into my hand. “From the moment I saw you.”

Desire rockets through me.

Leaning in, he sucks my lower lip into his mouth, his finger slowly moving in and out of me. “Tell me to fuck you, Andressa.”

I’m so desperate for him that my body is shaking, yearning to have him inside. I don’t care that I’m in the stairwell at the hotel. I don’t care that anyone could come in and catch us. I don’t care that I shouldn’t be doing this.

I don’t care about anything but having him inside me, making me feel only the way he can. Like no one ever has before.

I nip his lower lip with my teeth, loving the feel of his body’s response to it. “Fuck me, Carrick.”

His eyes flame wild with need. Slipping his finger out of me, he places it in his mouth and sucks me from it, making me feel dizzy with lust.

Holding my eyes, he gets a condom from his pocket. He unzips his trousers, shoving them down over his hips, just enough so that his cock springs free. He rips open the condom with his teeth and deftly rolls it on.

Not once does he look away from my eyes.

Then, his hands go under my thighs, lifting me. He spreads my legs and thrusts up inside me.

“Ah,” I moan, my eyes closing on the feel of him.

My head thuds back against the door as he starts to fuck me, each thrust becoming harder and more insistent than the next.

Moving his lips up my neck to my mouth, he desperately kisses me. “Fuck. I’ve missed this…you, so much,” he pants, his breath mixing with my own.

I’ve missed you, too.

“God, Carrick…I…”

My mind and body are spinning out of control, his pelvis and cock hitting all the right places.

“Come for me. I need to feel you tighten around my cock. Give this to me.”

His hand moves between us, and he rubs my clit with his fingers. Then, I’m blowing apart in his arms, coming hard and fast.

“Fuck…Andressa,” he groans, pressing his forehead to mine, holding my stare.

I feel his cock start to jerk inside me, his body tensing. And I watch with fascination, bordering obsession, as the waves of desire wash through his beautiful eyes. The moment is so intense that I feel like I’m falling.

I’m falling.

And then I’m wishing I could stay here forever. Stay in this moment with him and never leave. Closet it…him…keep him.

I want him. Not just for one day. I want him for all the days.

Then, reality comes crashing down on me, hitting me with the force of a tsunami, and I realize what I’m doing.

Wishing for things I can’t have.

The crash back to earth leaves me feeling breathless, like my chest is cracking under the pressure.