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Going over to my window, I open it up and see a hot-as-sin red Lamborghini parked in front of my building.

Carrick pokes his head out of the window, grinning up at me.

“Two minutes.” I signal to him.

Running around my apartment, I get my jacket, bag, and phone. I grab the bar of chocolate I bought yesterday while thinking of Carrick and shove it in my bag.

I let myself out of my apartment, lock up, and run down the stairs, exiting my building.

“Sweet ride.” I whistle as I walk around his car, getting a good look at her.

She’s an Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition with a matte black roof and engine hood, so you can see the mechanics beneath. A thin red stripe runs along the black roof, linking her to the Pirelli brand. She’s brand-new, and there aren’t many of her around.

“How long have you had her?” I ask, sliding into the rich leather seat.

“Not long.”

I know they were announced at the start of the year, forecasting delivery for the summer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d gotten the first one. He’s Carrick Ryan. Having him driving around in a brand-new car is every manufacturer’s dream, irrespective of the level of brand.

“She’s beautiful.” I run my hand over the dash.

“Yeah, she is.”

The tone in his voice turns my head to him. He’s looking at me. No, he’s staring at me.

I swallow nervously and then start rambling, “Six-point-five liter V-twelve engine, delivering six-ninety horsepower, with ISR transmission, pushrod suspension, and permanent all-wheel drive, right? I bet she handles like a dream.”

He’s smiling at me, his eyes all lit up. “She does.”

“She hits one hundred in two-point-nine seconds, right? Maxing out at three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour?”


“You had her up to top speed yet?”

“No, I haven’t had time to get her out on the track yet.”

“Cool. Well, I’d love to be there when you do.” Then, I quickly worry that maybe I’ve overstepped my boundaries with him. “You know, if I’m around or whatever.”

“We can take her out this week if you want?”

“Really?” I beam at him.


“Yay!” I clap my hands together, and he laughs at me.

“How can you be such a girl yet be so fucking cool with your car knowledge?”

“I’m just awesome. What can I say?” I shrug, grinning.

He’s staring at me again, and I’m starting to get hot.

“I brought you something,” I announce a little too loudly, jolting us back to the now. I reach into my bag and pull out a brand-new bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble.

“Fuck, has that got—”

“Cookie in it? Yep. You haven’t had it before?”

“No, and I’m wondering how the fuck not.” His eyes are all lit up like a little kid. “Have I told you lately how amazing you are?”

“Not lately,” I say, handing it over.

He rips it open and breaks some off, putting it into his mouth. Then, he starts making that moaning sound again, and I’m squirming in my seat.

Maybe bringing him the chocolate wasn’t the best idea. I’m currently jealous of a bar of Galaxy chocolate.

“Fuck…that’s good. You want some?” he offers me through a chocolaty mouthful.

“No, I’m good. Thanks. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of any.”

“Sorry.” He grins. “It’s just me and Galaxy have this thing. It’s pretty serious.”

“Clearly.” I give him a teasing smile and love the smile I get in return.

“Come on then,” he says, putting down the chocolate into the center console. “Let’s get moving.”

Putting the car in drive and stepping down on the gas, he roars down the street.

Thirty minutes after leaving my place, we’re in a quiet village called Radclive, and Carrick is turning off the country road and onto a small drive in front of a set of metal gates.

Pressing a button on the steering wheel, the gates open, and then we’re driving up a curved long driveway. At the end of the driveway is a large Edwardian-style house surrounded by what I can only imagine is acres of land.

“Wow,” I say, looking through the windscreen. “Is this yours?”

“Yeah. This is home.”

He pulls up front and climbs out of the car, so I follow suit.

I’m a little nervous that he’s brought me to his house, wondering why I’m here.

“I’ll show you the house in a few, but what I brought you here to see is in the garage.”

I walk with Carrick toward a massive outbuilding, which is located on the side of the house. He pulls a tiny remote from his jacket pocket and opens one of the garage doors.

We go inside, and I find myself in a purpose-built garage—or I should call it a showroom.

I’m astounded at the number of cars he has in here. There must be thirty, minimum, with plenty of space for more. They’re mostly classic cars with a few modern ones.

“Wow, Carrick. This is amazing. I knew you collected, but…wow…” This place is like my dream come true.

“Thanks. I’ve got pretty much every car I’ve ever wanted, barring a few. But the one I wanted to show you is just down here at the end. It just arrived this morning.”

I walk behind him, my eyes trailing over each car we pass—a classic Mini Cooper, a Dodge Viper…