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He rumbles out a laugh. “Believe it, and get used to it. Because I’m gonna be fucking you a lot, anytime the need takes my fancy, no matter where we are.”

He slaps my arse, causing me to gasp. So, I nip the skin on his neck with my teeth, earning me a deep chuckle, which vibrates right though me.

He crosses the grass and steps onto the path up to the door, which takes us into the kitchen.

The moment we’re inside, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Moving through the house, he takes us upstairs.

I’ve been inside Carrick’s house plenty of times this past week, but I haven’t been upstairs yet.

He walks along the landing and through an open door. In his bedroom, I get a quick glance before he takes us into his en suite, and I see a nice big bed centering a very masculine room.

He opens the door to his shower. Turning it on, a spray of cold hits me, causing me to squeal.

Getting me away from the cold water, he turns, pressing my back against the cool tiles. “It’ll be hot in a second.”

Then, he takes my mouth, kissing me, and I’m suddenly already feeling very hot.

I feel his cock start to harden inside me.

“Again?” I blink back at him.


Then, he’s moving, taking me against the wall of his shower, fucking me hard, and it’s amazing and intense.

He takes me to the edge and comes over with me.

“What are you doing to me?” he pants, his eyes staring into mine with wonderment.

I touch his face with my hand. “Exactly what you’re doing to me,” I whisper.

He presses his forehead to mine, and closing his eyes, he lets out a groan. “I was supposed to take my time with you when I got you up here. You’re turning me into an animal.”

I let out a soft laugh. “I like that you’re an animal with me. And there’s plenty of time to go slow.”

He opens his eyes. “Yeah, there is. All the time in the world.” He kisses me and then lowers me to my feet, finally letting me go.

Stepping under the spray, he leads me under with him, and we shower together.

I wash Carrick’s body. And he washes mine. Then, he watches me as I wash my hair using his shampoo. He’s just standing there, leaning against the tiles, his body glistening with droplets of water, as I rinse the shampoo from my hair.

“What?” I smile shyly, wringing my hair out.

“Nothing. I’m just glad you’re here…that we’re here.”

That brings a smile to my lips. “Yeah, me, too.”

Turning the shower off, Carrick takes my hand and leads me from the cubicle. Handing me a towel he gets from the shelf, he gets one for himself, wrapping it around his waist. After squeezing the water from my hair with the towel, I wrap it around my body

I stare at him for a moment. Damp golden skin, wet hair—God, he’s gorgeous. And he’s all mine.

“What?” He grins.

“Just admiring your hot body.” I smirk.

“Admire all you want.” He drops his towel and then yanks mine from my body.

He picks me up, causing me to squeal. I’ve noticed that he likes to carry me around a lot, and I have absolutely no issues with that.

He pulls back the duvet on his bed and deposits me on the firm mattress. He climbs in beside me. Pulling me to him—entwining his legs with mine, his arm around my waist—he presses his face into my neck and kisses me there.

“Stay tonight?” His lips brush over my skin.

I tip my head back, so I can look into his face. “Like you could get me to leave.” I smile.

That makes him smile, and he snuggles in closer. “I’ll feed you soon. I just want to lie here and hold you for a bit.”

“That works for me because I want to be held by you.”

We lay in content silence, my fingers stroking over his back in a pattern of our names, and it’s not long after when I hear Carrick’s breathing start to even out.

He must be worn out from all the sex.

Then, feeling the most peaceful I have in a long time, I let my eyes drift shut.

When I awake, it’s dark out, a low light in the room. As I turn my head, I find Carrick already awake, head on the pillow beside me, watching me.

“Hey.” I smile, stretching my arms up. “How long have you been awake?”

“A while.”

“You should have woken me up.”

“You were tired.”

It’s then I notice the unease in his eyes. “Carrick…is everything all right?” There’s a slight tremor to my voice.

“Everything’s fine.” He tucks my hair behind my ear. “You’re still here, and everything’s good.”

You’re still here.


He thought I was going to leave. Even after what I said in the garage, he still thought I was going to leave.

And I have nobody to blame but myself for him thinking that. What he needs from me right now is reassurance, and I’m going to give him it.

Turning my body to his, I rest my hand against his chest. “You thought I’d wake up and leave?”

He gives a light shrug of his shoulders, but I see it flicker through his eyes.

“I’m not leaving. And I’m sorry for every stupid thing that I did in the past—pushing you away after we had sex, running out on you, all of it.” Leaning in, I softly kiss his mouth. “I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

He pulls me close, hooking my leg over his hip, pressing his forehead to mine. “I’m being fucking stupid. I know. I just didn’t want to wake up and you be gone. Then, I was scared that you were going to wake up and realize that you made a mistake and leave.”