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“No more running, babe.”

He presses the sweetest kiss to my forehead. It brings tears to my eyes.

“You terrify me, too.” His lips brush over my skin. “I’ve never felt this close to anyone in my life. The way I feel about you…it’s beyond anything I’ve ever known. But we can do this because we’re meant to be together.”

And as he wraps his arms around me, holding me tight, I try to ignore that tiny debilitating voice nagging away in the very recess of my mind that’s telling me that it’s only a matter of time before the fear takes hold again.

I WAKE UP TO THE FEEL OF CARRICK. His body on mine, his mouth pressing soft, sweet kisses to my lips.

I moan my acquiescence, my lips parting, and he deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth, bringing me to life in an instant.

My body feels deliciously sore in the only way it can be after having copious amounts of sex, but even still, I’m ready for more with him.

Last night, Carrick ordered us dinner in. We had pizza, which we ate in the living room. We also started to watch a movie, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about it because I only saw the first ten or so minutes of it. We went at it again on his sofa, which ended up with me bent over the coffee table while he took me from behind.

After we caught our breath and cleaned up, Carrick suggested going to bed, which I was ready for—tired from all the sex. We made it to the staircase before we were going at it again. Clearly, I wasn’t that tired.

He took me right there on the staircase. I didn’t know you could have sex like that on the stairs, but apparently, you can.

I’m pretty sure I have carpet burns on my arse, knees, and elbows. Like I care though.

We’re doing it like horny teenagers, and I love it. Sex with Carrick is like nothing I’ve ever known before.

He likes to screw me in lots of different positions. I try not to think about how he’s so experienced in having sex in so many different ways.

Instead, I focus on his sexual appetite for me and how insatiable it is. And how I’m the same for him.

We can’t get enough of one another. I’ve never been like this for a guy before.

But then Carrick’s not exactly your average guy.

His kiss starts to slow, letting me up for air, and I blink open my eyes.

“Is this my wake-up call? Because I could seriously get used to this every morning.” Stretching my arms up, I wrap them around his neck.

“Well, get used to it because I intend on waking you up every day like this.” Another kiss. “You just looked so fucking sexy. I couldn’t help myself.” His hand slides down my side to my thigh.

“What time is it?” I ask, seeing the dawn light, knowing I have to be at work.

“Early. Now, shush, and let me kiss you again.”

Obliging, I offer my mouth up to him, which he gladly takes.

It’s not long before things are getting hot and heavy. Carrick begins kissing his way down my body. Pressing lingering kisses to my belly, he starts to lick a path downward.

Pushing my legs apart, he lies between them and puts his mouth on me.

“Oh!” My hips jerk at the feel of his tongue on me, my fingers curling into the bedsheet.

“God, you taste so good,” he growls against me, the vibration of his voice hits all the right spots.

He pushes his tongue inside me, and I can’t help but move in rhythm against his face.

My head presses back into the pillow, as he runs his tongue up to my clit. He starts licking with gusto, sliding a finger inside me and then another, fucking me with them.

“Yes,” I moan. “God, Carrick, yes…right there.” My toes curl into the bed, the muscles in my legs tightening, as I feel it moving through my body. Then the coil snaps. And I’m screaming out his name, my back bowing up off the bed.

When it’s over, I fall back, lax, into the mattress as he climbs up my body, taking my mouth in a kiss. The taste of me on him turns me on even more.

He’s readying to put himself inside me, and I want that, but first…

Pushing him off me, I roll him onto his back and climb on top of him.

“You riding me, cowgirl?” He grins, slapping my arse.

His eyes are so full of heat and desire that I feel it ripple through me, right to my sex.

I bite my lip. “Maybe, but first…” I let my words trail off as I move down his body, readying to take him in my mouth.

I can’t believe this is the first time I’m going to taste him. I’ve wanted to for so long. But he’s always so in control in the bedroom, so I’ve just let him take the lead.

But now is my turn.

Kneeling between his legs, I take his cock in my hand. Curling my fingers around it, I move the shaft up and down. He hisses such a sexy sound that I feel it deep inside.

Licking my lips, I move my head down and slide his cock between my lips.

“Ah, fuck…” he groans, his hand grabbing hold of my hair. “That feels so good. Jesus, your lips around my cock…you have no idea how many times I’ve imagined this. Even better than I thought it would be.”

Wanting to keep on pleasing him, I flatten my tongue, taking him further into my mouth, until he’s pushing the back of my throat.

“God, fuck. Yeah, just like that, Andressa.”

I start sucking him harder, sliding my mouth up and down his cock, taking him far back each time. I love the hot dirty praise spilling from his lips, the way his hand is pulling on my hair, as he fucks my mouth.