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“Babe, fuck…ah, you need to stop, or I’m gonna come.” He tugs on my hair, lifting my head from him.

“That was kinda the point.” I pout.

“Another time. Right now, I want to fuck you.”

He starts to move, to take over, but I stop him with a hand on his chest.

“No. Stay there. Right like you are.” I slide my legs over his hips, so I’m straddling him, his cock pressed up against me.

He growls. “Always so fucking wet for me. You have no idea how much that turns me on.”

Desire hurtles through me.

Lifting up on my knees, I take his cock in my hand and place him at my entrance. I slowly slide down on his length. I suck in a breath at the feel of him filling me. And his resounding groan tells me he feels as good as I do right now.

I start moving up and down, riding him. His hands quickly find my hips, fingers biting in my skin.

Knowing I won’t have long before he takes over, I ride him hard. My hands are on his stomach, but I can’t get the grip I need for traction.

He offers his hands to me. Taking them, I link my fingers with his.

It’s not long before he’s sitting up, pressing his chest to mine.

I drop his hands and grip his shoulders. His hands on my behind, he takes control, lifting me up and down his cock, increasing pace.

“So good,” I moan.

“That’s it, babe. I need you to come for me.”

The friction is almost too much to bear. My body goes into overdrive, and in no time, I’m shattering around him.

My eyes are locked on his as I come, unable to look away. I never want to look away from him ever again. And that feeling I’ve had of falling before hits me, but it’s harder this time, bleeding into my veins, making me dizzy…

I love him.

I’m in love with him.

Oh God.

Before I can even process my thoughts, I’m moving backward.

Carrick is on top, his body pinning mine. His elbows are pressed against my upper arms, keeping them in place, as he frames my face with his hands.

He’s moving in and out with sure hard thrusts, and I lift my legs, wrapping them around him, urging him in harder.

His features are tight. His eyes are dark with urgency and need. The way he’s looking at me is somehow more intense than ever before, and it stops my breath.

“Andressa…” he groans my name like a prayer. “Fuck, babe…”

Then, almost as if it’s too much for him, he closes his eyes. He brings his mouth to mine, breaking the connection between us, allowing me to breathe.

His body tenses, shuddering, as I feel his cock jerking inside me, filling me with his warmth.

We lie there for a moment, pressing soft tender kisses wherever we can reach skin.

Then, he rolls off me, taking me with him, so my head is on his chest, his arm around me.

“That was…” He sounds in awe and lost, and I’m right there with him.

“Out of this world.” I tilt my head, so I can look at him.

“Don’t go to work today.” He touches my lower lip with his finger, tracing it. “Stay with me.”

“I want to…but I don’t want to let Uncle John down.”

“You’re not letting him down. You’re pulling a sickie, like ninety percent of the population do. Technically, in a roundabout way, you work for me, and I’m saying it’s more than okay for you to play hooky.”

“That’s because you’ll benefit from me playing hooky.”

“True.” He presses his lips together, brow raised, a cute look on his face. “But I’ll make sure that you benefit too.”

I laugh, considering it.

“And the part for your dad’s car is being delivered this morning. We can fit it and then take her out together.”

And he’s got me. I was eighty percent sure I was going to stay just from the feel of his hot body under my hands, but if I can be here to finish my dad’s car…

“You know how to get me.”

“Sure I do. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be naked and in my bed right now.”

I lift a brow.

“Granted, it took me a while,” he adds. “But we got here in the end.”

“We sure did.” I smile, giving him a kiss. As I pull back, I remember that my phone is in the garage. I left it there yesterday. And if I’m calling in sick, then I’m going to need it.

“Ugh, I left my phone in the garage. I need it to call Uncle John and let him know I won’t be in today.”

“Use mine.”

“Oh, yeah!” I laugh, but I abruptly stop when I see the less than happy look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t want John knowing we’re together?”

“I never said that. But if I call from your phone, he’s gonna know in an instant that I’m not playing hooky because I’m sick but because I’m too busy in bed with you. And I’d rather my Uncle John not know those intimate details of my life.”

“But you are gonna tell him that we’re together?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“I do.”

“Are you telling your dad and Pierce?”

He gives me a stupid look. “Of course. I’ll be telling anyone who’ll fucking listen that we’re together. That I’m with the hottest girl in the world.”

I roll my eyes at his cheesy line, but I’m secretly loving it.