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I was proud of him. But at the British Grand Prix, that was the moment I realized how hard being with Carrick is going to be for me. Watching him race on that screen, I had a full-blown panic attack.

It came out of nowhere. Fortunately, I had sense enough to get myself to the restroom before anyone could see it.

I didn’t tell Carrick about it. He was too happy with his win, and I didn’t want to bring him down, so I haven’t said anything. It happened in Germany, too.

And now, we’re in Budapest, and the race is a few days away. To say I’m anxious is putting it mildly.

I just need to find a way to deal with this. If I’m with him, he’s always going to race. I’m always going to have to watch. I have to learn to deal.

“I look okay?” I ask Carrick.

We’re in my room. He’s laid out on my bed, looking handsome in dark jeans and a shirt, watching TV while I dress.

Petra’s out having dinner with the guys. Carrick and I are going to have dinner with his dad.

It was Owen’s idea.

I’m nervous. I know Owen doesn’t like me.

“You look beautiful.” Carrick gets up from the bed and comes over to me. Wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, he stares back at me in the mirror. “You always look beautiful.”

I’m wearing a cute little sleeveless knee-length floral dress with these gold sandals that I got when I went shopping with Petra. She’s such a big help with buying girlie clothes for me.

Biting my lip, I glance back at him. “I just want to make a good impression. I want him to like me.”

“He does like you.” He chuckles. I feel his chest rumble against my back.

I raise a brow at him.

“He does,” he maintains. “He thinks you’re a good influence on me.”

“He thinks I distract you.”

“You do distract me. You’re a bad…bad distraction, Andressa.” He runs his tongue up my neck to my ear. He nips my earlobe with his teeth, making me shiver.

“I’m bad, huh?”

“Mmhmm…you’re really, really bad.”

He slides his hand up my stomach. Cupping my breast, he brushes his thumb over my already hard nipple. The feeling shoots straight to my sex.

“And I’d show you exactly how bad if we didn’t have to go to dinner right now.”

Turning in his arms, I tip my lips up at one corner. “We could cancel and stay here. I’ll let you punish me for being bad.” Lifting my arms, I press my wrists together, giving him an innocent look.

That gets his attention. I see lust flicker to life in his eyes and feel it press up against my hip.

“Fuck. Now, I’m hard.” He glances at his watch and groans. “We’re already late, and I can’t fuck you quick.” Cupping my chin in his hand, he gives me a hard kiss, slipping his tongue into my mouth, making me groan. “When we get back, I’m tying you to my bed, and I’m gonna show you exactly how bad I can be.”

Releasing me, he backs away with the hottest look on his face ever, making my insides tremble.

“Now, let’s get this fucking dinner over with, so we can come back, and I can fuck the hell out of you.”

Feeling hot between the thighs, I decide to wind him up because I’m not getting my own way. “Oh, and just so you know, I’m not wearing any knickers.” I give him a saucy look as I pass him, grabbing my clutch off the dresser.

I was going to save that nugget of information for later, but I just couldn’t help myself.

“Please tell me you’re kidding.” His chest presses up against my back, bringing me to a stop, as his hand lifts my dress, finding me bare and ready for him. “Jesus, you’re not kidding.” He groans, dropping his forehead to my shoulder.

“Just think how much easier it’ll be to access me later.” I flash my eyes back at him as he lifts his head.

“God…this is gonna be a long-ass dinner, knowing you’re sitting next to me, bare. Don’t be surprised if I drag you off to the restroom and fuck you right there.”

My eyes widen. “You wouldn’t. Not while we’re out with your dad.”

“Wouldn’t I?” He raises his brow. Then, he slaps my arse as he moves away. Opening the door, he says, “After you.”

We’re meeting Owen at Costes. It’s Carrick’s favorite restaurant here in Budapest. And as we’re staying at the Four Seasons, it’s only a short walk away, so Carrick and I go on foot.

We arrive at the restaurant first.

We’re seated and ordering our drinks when Owen arrives. “I’m not late, am I?”

“No, you’re fine,” Carrick replies.

“Andi, lovely to see you.”

Owen leans over the table to kiss my cheek, so I rise up to meet him.

He takes the seat opposite me. Picking his menu up, he gives his drink order to the waitress.

“So, how’s your day been?” Owen asks Carrick.

“Good. I trained this morning. Then, I took Andressa for a drive over Chain Bridge, and we went to see a few landmarks.”

“Oh? Where?”

“Saint Stephen’s Basilica, and we also visited Shoes on the Danube Bank,” I answer.

“Oh, yes, I’ve been to the Danube Bank. Hauntingly touching, I found.”

“Yes, it was.”

The waitress comes back with our drinks.

I pick up my menu and start looking at the food choices. “What do you recommend?” I ask Carrick.