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Nothing too soon with India. I need to take my time.

I know she wants me still. I could see it in her eyes. In the way that her body reacts naturally to me. Like she is tethered to me, her body naturally gravitates my way.

But she is gun-shy. I just need to show her that we are right together.

And I will do that with a little push and pull.

The elevator is waiting on my floor, so I go straight in and press the button for the lobby.

I smooth a hand down my shirt. I’m nervous as fuck. Sweating like a little bitch.

The elevator stops on the next floor down. The door slides opens, and there stands India.

My body responds in the only way it can when the most beautiful woman in the world is standing before me in come-fuck-me heels and red lips. Her dress is black and hits a few inches above the knees, showing those golden long legs of hers. Her hair is down and tousled around her shoulders, looking exactly as I imagine it would when spread out on my pillow.

Jesus. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to kill me with those red heels and lips like fire to match.

She looks fucking stunning.

And I haven’t breathed, and I have also spent an inordinate amount of time staring at her.

Good start.

“Leandro…hi.” She presses those bee-stung lips of hers together, and my cock twitches in my pants.

“Hi,” I say, like the lame fuck I am, trying to distract myself from my impending boner.

But she is kind of looking nervous herself. She is fidgeting, and she is still standing outside the elevator.

Be cool, Silva. You got this.

“Were you getting in the elevator?” I ask, my voice sounds hoarse.

She glances down the hall, like she is considering making an escape.

“I was, but, well, Jett’s running late. He’s still in the shower, and I didn’t want you to be waiting for us down there, so I was coming first, and Jett was going to follow down, but as you’re here, I guess…I don’t know.” She lets out a little laugh and runs her hand through her hair.

She’s definitely nervous from being alone with me. It gives me a rise.

“Why don’t we go down together and wait in the bar for Jett?”

She glances down the hall again and then looks back to me. “Okay.”

She smiles at me, and the way it makes me feel…it is like her smile was made solely for me. And if I weren’t already sure that I was in love with her, then I would know it in this moment.

I place a hand against the door to stop it from closing, and she slides in past me.

The scent of her perfume, a heady mix of citrus and floral, fills my senses. It serves as a memory of being inside her. It is like pure fucking torture. Having her here yet still so far away.

The door slides closed, and the lift starts its slow descent.



Our eyes connect, and we both laugh.

“You first,” I say.

“No, you.” A smile tugs on her lips.

I keep my eyes on her as I say, “I was just going to say that you look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” A blush rises on her cheeks.

I just can’t fucking help myself. I reach out and touch her face with my fingertips.

The way I feel about her…it is not like anything I have ever known. It is all consuming—the unrelenting need to be with her, make her mine, brand myself into her skin because she sure as hell is branded into mine.

Her breath catches in her throat. She swallows audibly.

I see the tremble in her body. Her eyes are on my lips.

Then, I don’t think. I just act.

I kiss her.

I kiss her for every day I have been away from her. For every single moment I have needed to kiss her and not being able to. I am taking everything I can from her because I don’t know how long this moment will last. How long she will let me have her. I just need her to know how much I want her. How much I have missed her.

So much for taking my time with her. But then again, I have never been good with waiting.

My patience these last seven months, and my lack of patience now, is a testament to how much I want her.

Backing her against the wall, loving the feel of her fingers gripping my shirt, I blindly reach for the elevator buttons. Eyes quickly leaving her, I find the emergency stop button and press it.

“I have missed you,” I say low against her mouth.

“I’ve missed you, too,” she whispers.

Hearing those words from her mouth…that is when I lose my shit.

I devour her mouth, like she is the force I need to survive. I am starting to wonder if she actually is.

Her hands slide up my chest, nails scratching up my neck, curling into the hair at the nape of my head. I lick the inside of her mouth, loving the little moans of gratification in her throat. Pressing harder against her, I slide my leg between hers. She presses against me, squirming with need.

I am blinded by lust. Blinded by my complete need for her that I don’t care where we are. I just know that I need to be inside her.

So you can imagine my absolute fucking disappointment when my hand reaches her thigh, my fingers skimming that soft skin of hers, and I feel her hand on mine, stopping me.

“I want nothing more than this, with you, right now,” she pants against my mouth. “But Jett will be coming down soon, and he’ll worry if we’re not there.”

I squeeze my eyes shut, pressing my forehead to hers.

She is right.

“Okay.” I breathe heavily, still desperate for her. “Just give me a minute to calm down.”