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I kiss her once more, and then leaning back, I start to unbutton her shirt. When it’s open, I brush the fabric aside, revealing her bra to me.

Pink, silky, perfect.

I press a kiss to the top of her breast, and then I run my tongue to the dip in her cleavage. She grabs my head, a moan falling from her lips.

Rising up, I bring her with me. I remove her shirt and then my own before taking her bra off. Leaning in, I take her breast in my mouth, sucking on her nipple, and her hips jerk against me.

Kissing my way up her chest, I take her mouth with mine again. I am trying to go slow, take my time, but it is getting really fucking hard, and when I feel her hand press against my cock, through the fabric of my jeans, I nearly lose my shit.

Her jeans are off in seconds, and my own follow immediately after.

I fall onto her, and we’re in a tangle of limbs and lips. I can’t kiss or touch enough of her. It’s like sheer desperation, an addiction, needing more and more, not sure when I will hit the point of enough.

But, something tells me, with India, there will never be enough.

Pressing my hand to the mattress, I lift myself from her, allowing me to slide my hand down her stomach. My fingers skim the top of her panties.

“Yes,” falls from her lips in a breathy whisper.

I push my hand under the fabric, finding her wet. “Fuck.” I groan, my head falling to her chest as I run my finger through her slickness.

Then, down over her clit, I lift my head to stare in her eyes as I push my finger inside her. She’s tight, her insides gripping me like a vise. I start to finger her, pressing the heel of my hand against her clit, and then I slip in another finger.

I need to taste her.

“I want you on my mouth,” I roughly tell her, kissing her still. I remove my fingers from inside her and slide my hand around her back. I flip us over until she is lying on top of me. “Sit on my face, baby. I want to feel that sweet little pussy of yours riding my face before I fuck you.”

Rising up onto her knees, she stares down at me. Then, she stands on the bed, putting a leg on either side of me. She slides her panties down her legs, taking them off. Then, she moves over my face, lowering to her knees.

No hesitation or shyness. I fucking love that.

I grab the backs of her thighs, pulling her to my mouth where I want her.

The first touch of my tongue on her clit, she moans loudly. Falling forward, she grips my headboard with her hands.

She tastes fucking amazing. I could stay here all day with her on my face.

She starts to rotate her hips against me while I lick at her pussy.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck my mouth.”

“Oh God,” she moans.

“Not God, babe. Me.”

I push my tongue inside her, and she cries out.

I want to give her more. I want to feel all of her.

I want to make her come so fucking hard that she will remember it for days after.

I slide my hand around her ass. Then, I run my finger through her slickness while my tongue licks her clit.

I don’t know whether India is into anal, but there is only one way to find out. I move my wet finger over her tight puckered hole and gently press against it.

Her whole body stiffens, so I ease my finger off.

“You want me to stop?”

There’s a brief pause, before she speaks, “I haven’t ever…”

“Then, we won’t do it.”

“No…” She stares down at me. “I mean, yes. I think…I want to. Just be gentle.”

“Always, babe.”

My tongue goes back to her clit. Making soft strokes over it, I gently move the tip of my finger over her hole. I feel her lose herself to the sensation. Gathering some more wetness from her pussy, I use it to push the tip of my finger into her asshole.

I feel the orgasm tear through her as she screams out my name. I’ve never heard a more erotic sound.

When her orgasm starts to subside, I slide out from underneath her. Kneeling behind her, I press my chest against her trembling back. My arm coming around her waist, I pull her back to sit on my lap. My cock is rock-hard and pressed up against her ass.

She tilts her face back to look at me.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

Her eyes go to my lips. “I’m better than okay.”

I kiss her, swiping my tongue over hers, letting her taste herself on me.

“You taste so fucking good,” I tell her.

“I want to taste you,” she says.

I nearly come all over her ass. “You don’t have to.”

“I want to.” She bites down on her lip, drawing my attention to her mouth.

“Do you have your lipstick with you?” I ask.

She raises her brow. “Why?”

“Because…” I nip her lower lip with my teeth. “Since the moment I saw you wearing that red lipstick of yours, I have had this image stuck in my head of you sucking me off with your lipstick smeared all over my cock.”

Her breath catches, her eyes flaring with desire. “It’s in my bag.”

Sliding her off of me, I grab her bag from the floor and pass it to her. She fishes her lipstick out and reapplies it without using a mirror.

“Impressive.” I grin.

“It’s just one of my many talents.”

I’m pretty sure my dick just got harder. I’m at the point of being in pain, and my balls are so blue that it’s not even funny.

“You have all your women put on lipstick for you?” she asks.