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I take hold of her chin with my hand, staring into her eyes. “No. Only you. And there has been no one since you, if you were wondering that also.”

I see surprise flicker through her eyes. It doesn’t make me feel great. But, then, my reputation does precede me.

“You haven’t slept with anyone since me?” The disbelief in her voice annoys me.

“No.” I remove my hand from her chin, but continue to pin her with my stare.

“But, all of those pictures of you with women in the press…”

“They were just that—pictures. Have you fucked anyone since me?” I turn the tables on her, but I am not really sure if I want to hear the answer to this question.

Her eyes flare with indignation. “No.” She juts her chin out.

“Good. Now, get down on your knees, and suck my cock.”

I am a bossy bastard in the bedroom, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

A smile lights her eyes, as she tilts her head to the side. “You could say please.”

I slide my fingers into her hair, bringing her face closer to mine. “Sorry. India, get down on your knees and suck my cock, please.”

She gives me a haughty look. “Better.” Then, she slides off the bed, to her feet.

I follow her movement, putting my feet on the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed.

She lowers to her knees, and I have never seen anything more beautiful than the sight of her kneeling before me, those big blue eyes blinking up at me. My fingers slide into her hair, threading through the strands, and I guide her head down to my cock. The second her lips touch my cock, I know this will all be over way too soon if I don’t control myself.

“Fuck, yes,” I groan.

My fingers tighten in her hair as she slides her mouth down my cock, taking me throat deep.

“Shit. Jesus, that’s it, baby,” I hiss. “Take it all.”

She is fucking amazing. A doctor who gives head like a porn star. I can feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat.

I brush her hair aside, watching her suck me off. “The sight of you, like this with your lips on my cock, is even better than I imagined.”

My hips start to move as she flattens her tongue over my cock, taking me deep each time.

“That’s it, baby. You suck me so good.” I can feel myself starting to lose control.

I’m going to come. I need to stop her. But it just feels so fucking good.

She hollows her cheeks, sucking me hard, and a shot of pre-cum shoots from my cock.

“Ah, India, baby…you have to stop. I will come if you don’t.” I tug gently on her hair.

She lets my cock from her mouth with a pop. Sitting back on her heels, her lips are smeared red, and her lipstick is all over my cock, her hair tousled from my hands in it.

Fucking beautiful.

“I thought that was the idea.” She runs a finger down my cock, and he jerks.

“Next time. Right now, I need to fuck you.” Hands under her arms, I haul her to her feet and lift her onto the bed.

I get a condom from the drawer of my bedside table. I have it on in seconds, and I am between her welcoming thighs, my dick pressed up against her hot wet pussy.

She raises her arms above her head, pushing her breasts up to me. “I need you inside me,” she whispers.

“Maddening,” I growl.

I lean forward, taking her breast into my mouth. I graze my teeth over her nipple, making her hips buck upward.

“Fuck me, Leandro! Now!” she cries out.

“Say please.”

Her eyes flash to mine.

I grin at her.

“Please, fuck me,” she says through gritted teeth.

I slam inside her without hesitation.

“Oh God,” she whimpers.

“Jesus, India…” I stare down at her, feeling lost in this moment. “Being inside you…I have never felt anything like you before. I am never going without you again.”

“Never,” she whispers, her eyes fixed on mine.

Holding her stare, I slowly pull out of her and then slam back inside.

Very quickly, it gets out of control, and we’re fucking each other like rabid animals, kissing and biting and licking. Her nails rake at my skin while I fuck her hard, and I love it.

“Fuck, India, tell me you are close because I’m going to come.”

Her hands go to my ass. Nails scoring my skin, she tries to press me harder against her. “I’m close. Keep doing…that…and I’ll…ah, fuck…I’m coming!” she screams.

The feel of her tightening around me has me spinning out of control, and I am right there with her. “Fuck…India!” I growl, jerking my hips against hers. I come harder than I ever have before in my life.

And it is not just because I haven’t had sex in so long. It is because of her. Everything feels different with her.

She’s my game changer. My one.

I let my head fall into that sweet spot where her neck ends and her shoulder begins, and I press a soft kiss there. Her arms come around my neck, holding me, fingers pushing through my hair. I stay there a long moment, brushing gentle kisses over her skin.

I guess I am waiting for her to change her mind or push me away, but it doesn’t come.

Lifting my head, I brush her hair from her face. I stare down at her, and I love the way she smiles at me.

“That was…wow.” Her smile changes to a grin.

“I would call it better than wow. More like fucking amazing.”