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“What?” I look down to see that I did indeed button up my shirt incorrectly in in my haste to leave Leandro’s house. I start redoing the buttons correctly.

“So, you stayed at Leandro’s last night?”

My face floods with embarrassment. “Yes. No! I mean, no.” God, I hate it when he fires a question at me when I’m distracted.

“You know, Mum, lying to your only son is a terrible thing to do. I’m pretty sure that lies between a mother and child are the beginning of a potential downfall. I mean, you lie, and I could feel hurt and rejected. I might rebel. Start hanging out with the wrong kind of people. Smoke. Do drugs. Who knows where it’ll end?”

Shaking my head, fighting a smile, I sit down in the chair opposite him. “Nicely played. When did you get this smart?”

“I’ve always been this smart. I learned from my super smart, very pretty mama.”

“You’re on a roll this morning.” I laugh, feeling scarily impressed. “Okay, truth. I was going to speak to you today, but I guess now is as good a time as any. Yes, I was with Leandro last night, and I’m sorry I lied and said I wasn’t.”

“I freaking knew it! So, is he your boyfriend? How long has this been going on? Does this mean I can go to the Prix whenever I want?”

“Whoa. Slow down there.” I lift a hand, halting his rapid-fire questions. “First, let me apologize. I went to Leandro’s to talk last night. And after talking, I was tired, and I fell asleep. I’m sorry I stayed out all night because I shouldn’t have.” I had to white lie a little then because there is no way I am telling my twelve-year-old son that Leandro and I had sex, and that’s why I fell asleep. Hell will freeze over first before that happens.

“Uncle Kit was here, it’s no big deal. It’s not like I was alone.”

“I know, and you never would be. But it’s not something I do, staying out. And in the future, if I plan on staying out all night, you will know beforehand. Okay?”

“Okay.” He digs his spoon into his cereal, puts it in his mouth, and starts crunching.

“And to answer your other question, yes, Leandro and I are together.”

“Awesome! So, can I get more tickets to the Prix?”

Smiling, I shake my head. Got to love my kid’s priorities, and tenacity.

“Depending on where, because we’re talking about overseas here, but I’m sure Leandro would get you tickets to go, so long as it’s not in school time and I can afford the time off work to take you. He has actually invited us to Hungary.” I hear the words leaving my mouth before I properly think them through. Even though this would be an amazing trip, I was going to hang off on telling Jett for a little while.

“You being serious?”

“Hmm.” I press my lips together, hating my big mouth.

“Oh my God, this is awesome! It’s going to be amazing! Do you think he will let us watch from the garage?”

“Um, I don’t know. Maybe.”

“I’m sure he will. Oh my god, it’s gonna be fantastic! Freaking Hungary! I cannot wait to tell my friends!”

“Okay, well, let’s not get too excited.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” His brow furrows in confusion.

“I don’t know.” I shrug helplessly. So, I opt for a subject change. “Anyway, why are you up so early?”

A sly grin appears on his face. “I wanted to catch you coming in.”

My jaw drops open. “You knew I was out last night?”

“Of course I knew. I heard you and Uncle Kit talking in here last night. I have ears like a bat. And for future reference, I can pretty much hear everything you and Uncle Kit talk about in this kitchen.” He points his finger up to the ceiling. “Your voices carry straight up to my room.”

“Oh God,” I groan. Putting my arms on the table, I drop my head into them, thinking of the conversations I’ve had with Kit recently.

I hear Jett laugh, and then get up from the table. A few seconds later, he pats my shoulder with his hand. I lift my head to look up at him.

“I’m glad you’re happy, Mum. And not that you’re not pretty because, of course, you are, but seriously well done for scoring a Formula One driver. I couldn’t be prouder. Overnight, you’ve just made me the most popular kid in school. All I need now is for Uncle Kit to bring home a Victoria’s Secret model, and my life will be set. You want me to make you a coffee?”

“Um, who are you and what have you done with my baby boy?” I stare at him in shock.

“Your baby boy is almost a teenager.”

“Ugh, don’t I know it?” I grumble, dropping my head back down again. “And that’s a yes to the coffee.”

“I’ll make you it now.” He chuckles.


I just picked India up for our date, and we are on our way after some serious scrutiny from her brother, Kit, who seems like a good guy, and also some words from Jett—mainly that, even though he thinks I am awesome and I am rich and famous, if I hurt his mother in any way, he will kick my ass. He said he has never met anyone his mother has dated before, so him knowing about me is a big thing for her, and that must mean she likes me a lot. I assured him that I like his mother a lot, too.

I am crazy about her.

I missed her like crazy when she left my place this morning. Afterward, I went back up to bed. All I could smell on my sheets and pillows was her. It just made me wish even more that she were still there, so I could bury myself deep inside her again.