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I have never felt so lost yet so completely fucking found than I do when I’m inside her.

Being with India is where I was always meant to be. Inside her and beside her.

I always used to wonder what being in love meant, what it would feel like. Now, I know.

“I thought you would want low-key, and I want privacy with you. So, I’m taking you to dinner at my restaurant.”

“You have a restaurant?”

I note the surprise in her voice.

“Mmhmm. I bought it a few years ago. It was my favorite place to eat. They do the best Brazilian food in London. The place was going to close due to some financial difficulties. I really like the owner, and I didn’t want to lose my favorite place to eat, so I bought it. I invested some money in renovating it and then advertising. Now, it’s doing really well. Victor still runs it for me, and I mostly keep out of the business side of things.”

“You’re a sweetheart.”

I give her a look. “Leandro Silva, a sweetheart? No fucking way. Business savvy. Best racing driver ever. Hot as fuck, definitely.”

She laughs, and the sound pulls at my heart.

I reach over and take hold of her hand. I press a kiss to her soft skin. She curls her fingers around my hand, and I hold it resting on my thigh.

“Have you tried Brazilian food before?”

“No. Will I like it?”

“You like meat?”

She grins, biting her bottom lip, and I know exactly what she is thinking. I love the dirty in her mind. She looks so classy and wholesome on the outside, but underneath all that, she likes it rough and dirty.

“Will there be sausage?”

I let out a dark chuckle. “No, but I can provide the sausage later—when we get back to my place.”

“Definitely.” She runs her tongue along her lower lip, and my cock nearly explodes.

“So, maybe while we’re at the restaurant, you can teach me about those Brazilian phrases you say when I have that sausage in my mouth.”

Holy fuck.

“You are so fucking sexy.” I let go of her hand and glide my fingers up her bare arm. When I reach her shoulder, I push my fingers into her hair, tiling her face my way. “After dinner, I am taking you straight back to my place, getting you naked, and fucking you into next week.”

“I can’t wait.” Her offered smile is sexy as hell.

It’s not long before I am pulling up to my restaurant. It took all my strength not to spin the car around and take her straight to my place. But I want to give her a proper date. I don’t want her to think that I am just all about fucking her even though that is all I think about when I’m with her and not with her. But I want more from her. I want it all, and I want her to know that, too.

“Eduardo’s,” she reads the restaurant sign.

“My father. I renamed the restaurant after him.”

Turning off the engine, I climb out of the car and move fast around it to open her door.

I take her hand as she gets out. “Thank you. I can’t remember the last time a man opened a car door for me. Actually, I think it was…never.” She giggles.

“Well, get used to it because you’re with me now. I am always going to open your doors.”

Leaning in, I press a gentle kiss on her lips, loving the soft moan she makes.

As I move back, she rubs her thumb over my lips. “Lipstick.”

“Have I told you how much I love your red lips?”

“You told me quite a few times last night.” A spark of mischief enters her eyes, and it has my cock sitting up and paying attention,

“You know, I could have met you here. Save you driving out to my place and then back on yourself.” She’s referring to the fact that we’re in Mayfair, a few minutes from my house.

“No way would I ever have you meet me out. We are on a date, and I pick my girl up for our dates.”

“I like it when you call me that.”

“My girl?” I stop at the door.


“Well, you are.”

The smile she gives me leaves me feeling a little breathless.

I open the door, letting India through first. The smell of this place always reminds me of home.

“Mr. Silva, good evening. I have your table ready for you.”

“Thank you, Miguel.”

I follow Miguel to the table I requested, which is a booth in the back. The restaurant is busy tonight, but the positioning of this booth gives us total privacy. Just what I want with India.

India slides into the booth. Instead of sitting opposite her, I take the seat next to her. I plan on having my hands on her a lot this evening.

When we’re seated, we order our drinks, and Miguel leaves us with the menus. I don’t need to open mine. I know everything on this menu.

India removes her jacket, and I am greeted with an amazing view of her cleavage from the plunging neckline of her dress. My cock starts to harden. She opens her menu, leaning forward to read it, and I can see straight down her dress.

“What’s best to eat here?” she asks without looking at me.

“Everything. But I’m only hungry for one thing right now—you.”

Her eyes lift to mine.

“You look seriously hot in that dress.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I more than like it.”

She bites her lip, and my cock jerks. Her lip biting really does it for me.

“Are you ready to order?” Miguel appears back at the table with our drinks.

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