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“I just want you to be safe, India. You and Jett both.”

Jett doesn’t know that Paul is out of prison. I thought long and hard whether to tell him or not, and both Leandro and Kit agreed with me that the best thing would be to keep it from Jett for now. I don’t want to disrupt his life unnecessarily at the moment. He thinks we have the security because of Leandro’s fame. Honestly, he loves having a bodyguard. I think he thinks he’s a celebrity now.

“We’re fine. It’s been over a week since Paul got out of prison, and he’s made no attempt to contact me.”

“Well, I am not taking any chances, so Andre and his team stay put until I get back.”

“How’s it going there?” I ask, changing the subject.

“Good. The car is performing well, so it’s just going to be down to me.”

“You’ll do amazing like you always do, and we’ll be watching all weekend, cheering you on.”

“I really wish you were here.” His voice lowers. “I miss you so fucking much. I hate being away from you.”

“Me, too.”

“When I get back, we’re spending a full day in bed.”

I feel a tingling between my thighs. I went years with minimal amounts of sex, but since being with Leandro, I’ve gotten used to having it every day, multiple times, and now, my body is struggling to go without him. “Sounds awesome.”

“It will be. I’m going to strip you naked, and kiss and lick every inch of your hot body. Lavish my full attention on every single part of you. Then, when I’m done worshipping you, I’m going to sit you on my face and have you come all over my tongue. And when I’m done licking up all your juices, I’m going to fuck your mouth with my cock, then, I’m going to fuck your gorgeous tits, right before bending you over and taking you from behind while I fuck your ass with my fingers.”

“Jesus, Leandro.” I shudder.

“Are you wet for me, India?” His voice has gone dark and sultry.

“Yes,” I breathe.

“I’m hard, babe. So fucking hard. Touch yourself for me.”

I’m just reaching my hand down when the buzzer in my office goes off, telling me I have a patient.

I let out a groan. “Shit. I have a patient. Can we put this on ice until later?”

“Sure. But I might have to go jack off in my room before I go back to the garage. Otherwise, I’m going to be sporting a boner all day.”

“Sorry.” I giggle.

“You will be when I see you next,” he growls.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

“Speak to you tonight?”

“I’ll call you when I’m done at the track.”

Reluctantly, I hang up and dial through to Sophie to let her know to let my next patient in.

My working day is done. I lock up my office and head down to the car where Andre is waiting to drive me home.

As I exit the building, I have the strangest sensation ripple down my spine.

Like I’m being watched.

I’ve been feeling it these past few days, but I’m putting it down to anxiety. The fact that Paul hasn’t made any form of contact has actually left me unnerved and a tad paranoid.

As I approach the car, Andre already has the door open and waiting for me.

“Thank you.” I smile at him.

For all that his presence annoys me in a way, he is a really nice man.

He rounds the car and gets in, shifting the car with his large frame.

“Good day?” he asks as he starts the engine.

“Long. I’m ready to get home and relax.”

“Jonah will be taking over from me in half an hour, so you’ll see his car sitting outside,” Andre tells me as he walks me to my door. “Usual protocol. Anything suspicious, press the panic alarm.”

“I’ll be fine,” I assure him.

The security guys rotate on shift. Leandro wanted Jett and me to have twenty-four-hour security.

I unlock my door, and I’m surprised when the alarm beeps at me. “That’s strange. The alarm is on.”

“Did Jett not tell you that Kit took him to the karting track? Simon is with them. He’ll drop them off when they’re done, and Jonas will cover you both until morning when I take back over with you, and Simon with Jett.”

“No, he didn’t tell me.”

Clearly, my security guy knows more about my son’s movements than I do.

“Thanks, Andre.”

I close the door and kick off my heels. As I wander into the kitchen to pour a glass of wine, I see a note tacked to the fridge from Jett and Kit.



I pour myself a glass of wine, grab my phone, and go upstairs to take a bath.

The book lying in the center of my bed stops me in my tracks.

Red Dragon.

It was the book that Paul gave me. It was his favorite book. He had highlighted his favorite passages in it.

For some reason, I kept it for all these years. I guess maybe a part of me—the part that wanted to believe he wasn’t all bad, remember the times he’d been good to me—held on to that book. Now, it’s here, lying on my bed.

I never kept it on the bookshelf in the living room as I didn’t want Jett to ever find and question it.

It was in the box in my wardrobe with all the newspaper articles from the trial.

My hand trembles as I put my wine down on my bedside table.