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“Fuck you, Silva. I’m gonna kick your arse on Sunday. My car’s performing like a dream. And I have the best mechanic on my side.”

“Yes, you do.” I have to agree with that. Andi is one of the best mechanics around. There was a time, just before my accident, when I was considering how to poach her from him.

“Don’t worry though. If you do retire, I’ll make sure you’re remembered for being a great driver. Second to me of course.”

Laughing at him, I take a sip of my beer.

“So, what will you do, if you do decide to go?” Carrick asks with genuine curiosity.

“I don’t know.” I rest my bottle on my thigh. “I’ll have to do something though, or I will go out of my mind with boredom while India is at work.”

“You could always take up drinking and whoring around like you did last year.”

“You’re a prick.”

“I know.” He smirks. “But, in all seriousness, you know my dad gave his job up when I was younger, so he could be there full-time for my career.”

“And what does that have to do with me retiring?”

“Well, Jett is showing a real interest in karting, and the kid’s really good. He’s got real natural talent. You could help him hone it, get him racing, entering competitions, building his reputation. That’d keep your retired arse busy. I know my racing kept my dad busy. Still does. And at least you’d still be a part of the racing circuit, so I’d get to see your ugly face around.”

“I suppose I could. But it would depend on that being what Jett wants.”

“A racing-obsessed kid getting the chance for Leandro Silva to coach him. Yeah, I’m sure he’d turn it down.” He chuckles.

I’m pondering Carrick’s suggestion when a throat clears beside me. I turn my head, and my eyes meet with a huge pair of tits. I mean, they’re literally in my face.

I tilt my head back to find the chick who’s been eye-fucking me from the bar now standing over me.

“You’re Leandro Silva, right?”

She sounds English. She must be here for the race. She clearly knows who I am. Surprised she hasn’t clocked Carrick though.

“I am.” I give her a congenial smile so not to come off as a bastard. I still have a public profile to keep up.

“Could I have my picture taken with you?”

“Sure.” I hold back the sigh I feel. The last thing I want is to have my picture taken with a chick who is probably aiming to get in my pants.

“Bev!” she calls to her friend at the bar. “Come take the pic for me.”

Her friend comes wobbling over on her high heels, clearly well on her way to being drunk. She gives me the eye as she takes the camera from Big Boobs next to me.

Big Boobs puts her arm around my waist, sliding in close to me. “My name’s Andrea,” she says, trying to sound sexy.

All it does is make me cringe. “Nice to meet you, Andrea.” I give her a friendly smile. “Are you a racing fan?”

“No, my boyfriend is. He’s a big fan. His company got him tickets for the race, so he and his best mate are watching. They brought me and Bev along with them for the weekend.”

“Sounds nice.” I look ahead, ready to have my picture taken so I can get back to my beer.

“Not really, but my weekend’s been made, meeting you.”

I flash her a smile, and then my eyes look forward again. Her friend is taking for-fucking-ever to take the picture.

“So, my boyfriend is out at dinner, schmoozing some clients for his company while he’s here.” She leans in, whispering in my ear, “Meaning my hotel room is empty for the next few hours. You wanna come up and fuck? I give amazing blow jobs, and I really want to suck your cock. I bet it’s massive.” Her hand grabs my cock through my jeans.

“What the fuck?” I grab her hand to remove it from my junk and spin my face to her.

I don’t get a chance to say anything else. The next thing I know, she’s landing a kiss on me.

I jerk my head back, pushing away from her. “Jesus! What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, not happening.” I lift my hands, backing away from her. “I have a girlfriend.”

“So?” She shrugs. “I won’t tell her if you don’t.”

“Did you not hear me the first time? Not fucking happening.”

“Your loss.” She shrugs. “What about your friend?” She looks at Carrick. “I wasn’t kidding about my blow-job skills. I’m amazing.”

Carrick sputters out a laugh. Lifting his hand, he says, “I’m sure you are, and I’d tell you I’m married—happily—but clearly, that wouldn’t matter to you. So, I’ll tell you, you’re definitely not my type. No, thanks, and we’ll leave it at that.”

“Andrea, I got some really good pics!” Her friend beams at her, handing her the phone back.

My eyes flash to it.

Oh no. “Did you take a picture of her kissing me?”

“Um, yeah, of course I did.” The friend gives me a dumb look.

“It’s a good one, too.” Andrea turns the screen to me, showing me the picture.

Jesus Christ. It couldn’t look more incriminating than if she were straddling me. Her hand is on my junk, her mouth on mine.

For fuck’s sake.

“You need to delete that picture. Now.”

Hearing the pissed off tone in my voice, Carrick gets up from his seat, coming to stand beside me.