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And after I’d told him all of this, he said to me, “As long as you are okay and you’re happy with Leandro, that’s all that matters to me. The rest is just white noise.”

I cried. How could I not? I knew right then, hugging my son, that everything would be okay. That everything would right itself, and that everything happens for a reason.

Paul was arrested and put back in prison for violating his parole, meaning he’ll serve out the rest of his sentence. And he will stand trial for attempted blackmail and extortion. Once again, I’ll be a witness at his trial. Ultimately, it’s my word against his, in regard to the blackmail attempt. But my laptop and the documents about Leandro that Paul had printed out, were seized at his house.

The fact that, by coming forward, I had everything to lose and nothing to gain will show that I’m telling the truth. I’m hoping that he will be sentenced for it, adding a few more years to his jail term. I’m praying by the time Paul gets out, Jett will be a grown man, and hopefully, Paul will have the foresight to leave us all alone.

School is still out for the holidays, going back next week, and Leandro was having a hard time with the thought of leaving us even though Paul was back behind bars, so we came with him to Monza for this leg of the Prix.

I’m feeling relaxed and safe for the first time since Paul got out of prison. And I’m just relieved that everything is out in the open.

The press hasn’t gotten wind of the story about Paul, or how Leandro and I met. Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t. If they do, then we’ll deal with it together.

“You’re watching me sleep,” he murmurs, surprising me, eyes still closed. His voice is rough with sleep, and sexy as hell.

“I might be.” I curl into his side, hooking my leg over his hip and feeling his morning wood beneath my leg. “You just look so adorable when you sleep.”

He opens one eye, peeking at me. “The last thing I am is adorable. You, on the other hand…” He opens his other eye as one hand skims down over my bum, curling around my thigh, under my pajama shorts, to touch my quickly dampening knickers with his fingertips.

I gasp at his featherlight touch. “Jett might be awake.”

“Then, we’ll be quiet.” He gives me that sexy grin of his that instantly has me doing what he wants.

My response is to kiss him. His fingers slip inside my knickers, and he pushes one inside me.

“God,” I breathe as he fingers me, rubbing my clit with his thumb. “I need to touch you.” I push my hand into his pajama bottoms and palm his cock. Gripping it, I stroke it up and down. I love the hiss of air that escapes him at my touch.

The next thing I know, my shorts and knickers are being pulled down my legs, and I’m none too gently turned over, facing away from him.

“Part your legs,” he whispers into my ear.

I do as he asks. I feel the head of his cock rubbing over my entrance, up to my clit, and back down again before he pushes inside me.

“Fuck,” he groans in my ear. His hand slips under my pajama top, and he palms my breast, pinching my nipple.

A cry escapes me.

“Shh,” he whispers, his other hand comes up to cover my mouth as he slowly moves in and out of me. “Do I need to gag you, babe? Or will you be a good girl?”

The thought of him gagging me excites me along with the feel of his hand against my mouth, but I shake my head. “I’ll be good,” I murmur against his hand.

Keeping his hand over my mouth, his other hand pinches my nipple again. I sink my teeth against his palm. He groans and starts fucking me harder. The sound of his flesh slapping against mine is such a turn-on.

“Rub your pussy, India. I want you to touch yourself.”

I’ve never touched myself in front of him before, but the thought thrills me.

I press my fingers to my pussy, letting the tips of my fingers touch his cock as it thrusts in and out. Then, I start rubbing my clit.

“Fuck. Yeah, that’s it,” he says roughly in my ear. “Bring yourself off. I want you coming hard and squeezing my cock like a vise.”

The rubbing of my clit increases. I’m turned on beyond rationale. I just need to come. Nothing but that matters right now.

I tilt my head back, watching back at him. His hand slips from my mouth and his fingers tangle in my hair. Gripping the strands, he pulls my mouth to his, and he kisses me deep and hard. With the feel of his tongue against mine, his cock inside me, and my fingers rubbing my clit, I come hard, moaning my orgasm into his mouth.

“Fuck…” he whisper-groans. “Your pussy feels so fucking tight around my cock.”

He pumps into me a few more times, and then I feel his body tensing in preparation for his release.

“I’m coming, babe,” he whispers. “I’m coming inside your hot tight pussy.”

I watch his face as he comes down from his orgasm. I love the look of pleasure in his eyes and the love he feels for me that’s all on display. I’ve never been loved before the way Leandro loves me. I didn’t even know a love like this existed.

He kisses me again, staying inside me. “There is nothing better than waking up inside you.”

I smile, but it’s tinged with a little sadness. “I’ll miss waking up with you when you’re away for the races.”

He gives me that heart-stopping smile of his. “Only until November, and then you will be waking up every morning with me inside you.”

“When the season finishes.”