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"Tessa." He drew her name out, a slow hiss of wonder. "You're so hot."

"I know," she moaned half in wonder, her mouth thick and draining on his. "Oh, God. We shouldn't be doing this." But it was wonderful, feeling the rush of desire unequaled by anything she'd experienced before. She wanted desperately to explore it.

For an instant, Chase could hear everything, her breath, the shift of her stockinged leg against his jeans, the rustle of fabric beneath her vest and blouse. As if the world ceased beyond this moment, no sound penetrated, time and energy focusing down to them, pressed so tightly together.

"I want to touch you, angel," he rasped darkly. "I swear I'll go mad if I don't."

"Chase." She swallowed, licked her lips and kissed him again, pulling at his shoulders, a silent signal of urging.

Delicately he pushed the fabric aside. He found her, wet and smooth as velvet. As his fingers sank into her, she shrieked against his mouth, jolted by the erotic contact, his probing touch. But Chase felt her climbing the wall of her passion, a rapid journey neither could stop, and he wished he were inside her now, his body stroking hers. His thumb circled the throbbing bead of her. She clawed at his shoulders, straining against his hand.

A whimper caught on his tongue as it swept inside her mouth.

She drenched him with her desire, pulsed with it.

Her nails dug deeply, then her arms slid around his neck, tight and imprisoning. Her hips rocked. And Chase kept kissing her, swallowing her deep, fluid groans, absorbing her shudders as she was suddenly wild in his arms.

He almost lost himself just feeling it.

For several moments, she was tense against him, her breathing soft and rapid, then, like the ebb of a wave, she sagged against him, burying her face in the curve of his throat.

An instant later, the door burst open. "Oops." Dana flushed and smiled, backing out and closing the door.

Chase held her tightly when she wanted to leave his arms, removing his hand and smoothing her skirt, settling her more firmly to her feet.

"Oh God. I'm so embarrassed," she mumbled against his skin. "For Dana to see me—us—"

"Shhh," he hushed, pushing her hair back. "She didn't see anything, angel, except you in my arms. There are too many boxes shielding us."

The scent of her mingled with her perfume and Chase thought he could live in the fragrance. His mouth met hers again, softer this time.

And Tessa didn't think she could look this man in the eye without thinking of the pleasure he gave her, unselfishly, erotically. He has to be hurting right now, she thought, feeling his arousal thick in his jeans.

"Come with me, Tessa," he said into her mouth. "Trust me." He stepped back and away, moving to the door, though it was a strain, the ache in his groin painfully obvious. He was going to finish this if he didn't get them a change of scenery. He paused at the door, his hand on the knob as he faced her. He held out his hand. "Trust me."

Tessa swallowed repeatedly, trying to catch her breath and look him in the eye. For a moment she felt shame over what they'd done, but as she lifted her gaze to his, his tender expression, the desire and compassion in his eyes sent her misgivings away like a leaf on a breeze. She didn't want to think anything so good could be a mistake, that he'd given her such unbelievable pleasure with anything but her in mind.

Chase's heart did a quick flip when she walked toward him, her hand out to accept. He pulled her against him and kissed her again, deep and utterly possessive.

"You won't regret this, angel."

I hope not, she thought, then slipped into the bathroom to repair her appearance. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her lips were red and swollen, her skin pink from his whiskers, and her eyes were unusually bright.

"You're a tart. A pregnant tart," she told her image, yet she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt like this. As she brushed out her hair, securing it off her neck in a bow, excitement rushed through her again. He was on the other side of the door, waiting. Was he afraid she wasn't coming out?

She started when she found Chase leaning against the door frame, his smile knowing, and she felt her cheeks warm as his gaze caressed her.

"I liked the ravished look better," he murmured, then he grabbed her hand.

They moved briskly through the shop, customers and employees staring, Tessa tossing Dana orders to hold down the fort as Chase dragged her out to the street. Sunlight sprayed them with warmth, and she smiled.

Tessa was not usually a reckless person. Her sisters and mother insisted she was an alien offspring because she planned her days and life with meticulous order. But Tessa took one look at Chase's handsome face and knew that being reckless with him, this once, just might change her for life.