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He kissed her throat, his hands stroking her body, fingertips dipping and brushing in every curve till she arched against him, till she responded with touches of her own. She caught his belt buckle, flipping it open, and his hands shimmered over her hair, her shoulders, as she pulled his T-shirt from his jeans with seductive care. She peeled it off over his head, her mouth immediately covering his nipple, her tongue circling the flat coin before she brought her mouth to his.

Then he realized she was shaking.

Turning her toward the cheval mirror in the corner, he stood behind her. She wouldn't look at herself, and he kissed the back of her neck and loosened the sash.

"I'd rather we did this in the dark," she said truthfully.

"I want to see you."

"Chase," she moaned weakly, and he tipped her head, taking her mouth in a deep kiss as he brushed the robe open, enfolding her breasts. She sagged back against him, covering his hands as he caressed her nipples.

He broke the kiss, looking in the mirror, a strange smile curving his mouth, and Tessa forced her gaze to the glass. His hands were a dark and rugged contrast against her skin, bronze to pale cream as they moved over her breasts, her belly.

Tessa saw the look in his eyes, in his expression. Fascination. Desire.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered in her ear, watching his hands as they moved below his child, slid to her thighs, molding them, then his fingers brushed the warmth of her womanhood. "Look at you, angel."

She was bare to his eyes and Chase drank his fill of her plush body, trim but for the roundness of life in her. Her skin was flawless, golden and creamy. He cradled the dark curls between her thighs, and stroked her lightly, loving her eager thrusts for his touch. She dampened for him and his fingers slid deeper. Her breath went ragged. His mouth trailed over her bare shoulder, her back, a grinding path down the delicate curve of her spine. Gripping her hips, he closed his eyes and tasted the softness of her buttocks, the backs of her thighs, worshipping her skin, the taste of her. She closed her hands over his and held on. Then he turned her to face him, looking up, and their eyes met and held as his rough cheek brushed softly against her belly, the curving side. Slowly he straightened, kissing her mouth before ducking his head to take her taut nipple between his lips.

She inhaled sharply, gripping his shoulders as he laved and suckled, then tasted its mate, her bosom swelling and aching for more. He drew her to the bed, sitting on the edge and pulling her to his lap. Draping her over his arm, Chase kissed her, feeling her body soften, curl toward him. He knew she was scared, knew she was uncomfortable about him seeing her like this, but Chase realized he loved her. Loved the woman she was, with or without their child inside her. He wanted to make her feel as beautiful as he saw her and he let his hand glide from her hip to the arch of her dainty foot, slow and methodical. He palmed her breast, shaping its weight. Then he tasted its lushness again.

His touch pierced her skin like blunt daggers, the sensation hot and heavy, and Tessa thought she'd melt into the mattress when he took her nipple deeper into the hot suck of his mouth. He rolled it on his tongue, and she felt it burn with a heat that seared around her waist and drove an ache deep between her thighs. She wanted him more.

"You'll tell me if I hurt you," he said huskily. And she could only nod.

"Again Chase, taste me, please." And he did, his mouth devouring her as he laid her gently on the bed, his body nestled tightly to her side. He draped her thigh over his, spreading her. His hand skimmed her thigh to the dark cleft between and he rested his hand there. He rubbed. He felt her need quicken, in her kiss, in her fingers digging into his shoulders, and when Chase pushed two fingers inside her, she gasped softly, her hips rising to the motion, her lip caught between her teeth. And Chase had never seen anything so elegant as Tessa's passion.

She felt like spun glass in his arms, shimmering as his thumb brushed the tight bead of her sex. She clung to him. Her body pulsed heavily, sensations pulling her from all edges and wrapping her tightly to the hand moving within her body.

"Show it to me again, angel. Show me." She opened her eyes and cupped his face in her palms, and Chase's fingers pushed and withdrew until he watched the explosion unfold in her eyes, mirrored through her body.

"Oh, Chase," she choked almost desperately, stunned as the waves of pleasure slid over her like the pour of liquid silver, again and again. He stroked deeply and she convulsed, her breath a fractured rush of pleasure against his lips. He held her tightly, slowing his movements till the last of her desire was spent.

Her tongue moistened her lips and she looked into his eyes.

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