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He smiled softly, enormously pleased. "Will you explode like that with me inside you, angel?" He dipped his head, teasing her nipple with his tongue. Air rushed into her lungs. "So beautiful," he murmured and paid homage to her breast.

Her fingers sank into his hair, her eyes drifting closed.

It was a long, contented moment before he left the bed and she scooted to the center, watching him kick off his shoes, strip his socks. His fingers hovered at the band of his pants, his gaze on her as he shoved down the zipper and peeled off his briefs and jeans. Tessa absorbed the naked sight of him, his flat stomach, his muscular thighs. He was in fabulous shape, and she caught a glimpse of his taut behind in the mirror. Then her gaze lowered to his arousal, thick and proud. She swallowed, drawing the robe over her breasts.

He knelt on the bed, catching her hands in either of his. "Don't hide from me, Tessa," he said, drawing her to her knees. "Just to look at you is a turn-on. That you hold our baby inside you makes loving you more precious."

She wanted desperately to believe him, needed to believe that he wanted her for more than their child, and she pushed aside her doubts as he came closer, sliding to his back and drawing her over him. She spread her thighs, his arousal high and pulsing between them, a breath away, and she felt his incredible heat, saw his hunger.

Half propped on mounds of pillows, he watched his hands move over her breasts, her belly.

And he trembled.

Tessa knew he was restraining himself, felt it in every kiss and touch. He quaked with it. She wanted that energy, that fire they breathed into each other. He was afraid he'd hurt her, and Tessa wanted to show Chase she wasn't so fragile. She leaned over him, her tongue outlining his lips, a slow, silky motion that drove a dark burning through his bloodstream.

"Come to me, Chase," she whispered into his wet mouth. He sat up, jerking her knees around his hips, drawing her closer. And his eagerness made her laugh. She tortured him, rocking, her womanhood sliding wetly across his arousal, and he thrust against the invitation, throbbing for her. She never ceased kissing him, her mouth moving over his face, her teeth lightly scoring the curve of his jaw.

"Tessa, ah, angel." His hands dipped over her hair, her shoulders, to grip her waist.

Her tongue circled his ear and boldly she told him, "I want you inside me." She pressed tighter to him, bodies meshing, dampening. He was hot and hard, and just to be this close, naked and eager for each other, aroused her with a fierceness that scared her. Yet he wasn't hungry enough, hot enough, she thought with satisfaction and she wrapped her hand around him, enveloping him in sensations, and he slammed his eyes shut, falling back, his head digging into the pillows.

"Oh, Tessa."

Her fingers slicked over the smooth tip, drawing more moisture, and he came unglued, twisting beneath her. His hands on her thighs tightened and flexed. A groan close to pain rumbled in his wide chest. She stroked him again, mercilessly, and Chase knew if he allowed her to continue, he'd be useless any second. He pried her hand from him.

"Now you're teasing me," he murmured, burying his face in the curve of her throat, his hand riding her spine. He chuckled shakily. "Don't stop."

"I can't wait, Chase. Now, now." She rose slightly, guiding him inside her.

"Careful," he warned, looking into her soft green eyes, but she could tell he wanted nothing more than to toss her on her back and ravish her. The thought made her skin sizzle.

He laced his fingers with hers, his arms braced back against the mattress, and he gave her balance and power.

He was tight within her and she lifted, then slid downward, encasing him slowly, her body adjusting and squeezing him.

"You're like a rock," she gasped on a laugh, and a tiny smile curved his mouth. Chase thrust his hips gently to greet her. Sweat dampened their bodies, her hips catching cadence and taking him with her as he sat up and filled her deeper.

His breathing labored, he caressed her breasts, her belly tight with the pull of desire, then clasped her hips, riding the motion. She held his gaze, her fingers digging into his shoulders, her breath rasping into his mouth. She was liquid passion, her body slick and sliding, and Chase let her have total control. She pushed, faster, harder, curling into him, and he felt her release, experienced the pinpricking sensation shooting through her and into him.

"Chase, Chase!"

He arched, his arousal throbbing, his strong hands grinding her tightly to his groin as he erupted inside her. Her muscles flexed and gripped and Chase felt every tiny quiver as he held her snugly, raining kisses over her face and hair till the last tremor faded.

His hand trembled as he brushed damp tresses back to look into her eyes. "I'm in love with you, Tessa Lightfoot."

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