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A smile ghosted across her lips as she followed, waiting on the porch as he brought the cooler and the bags inside. She looked outside, then inside. It was quaint and rustic. "Hmm." She stepped inside. "Quiet, isolated."

"So?" Lord, he sounded like a school-yard bully.

"This is good."

"Why?" He shut the door, hard.

She tossed her handbag on a nearby side table and let the silk coat slip from her body and onto the floor. Chase's gaze raked her, his dark expression creasing deeper as she strolled closer.

"Why," he repeated, softer. She was so close her breasts gently pressed against his shirt, a soft cushion of temptation and desire, and his body reacted swiftly.

"Because—" She grabbed his lapels, yanking him down to meet her face. His eyes flared. "We're going to make a lot of noise." Her mouth covered his, grinding against his lips, and she didn't stop.

Chase moaned, clutching her in his arms and returning her kiss over and over. The uncapping of sudden desire rocked him to his heels. Her kiss was heavy and penetrating, her mouth wide, her tongue thrusting and teasing in the same sweep. Chase unleashed his frustration, his hands roughly mapping her body from shoulder to thighs, his mouth a hard slash across hers.

It was a battle to see who would surrender.

Neither did.

He cupped her bottom and jerked her against his hard need. She moaned and shoved the jacket off his shoulders, tore at the studs on his shirt. They scattered to the floor like tacks. Chase did what he'd been aching to do all night and covered her breasts with his hands. She whimpered against his mouth, gripping his belt and unleashing the leather, flipping a button, then pushing the zipper down. His kiss grew harder. She jerked his shirt free, molded the bare skin of his stomach, and the heat and fire between them grew to dangerous heights. He shoved the straps off her shoulders, bending her back over his arm as he dragged the fabric down. His lips closed over her bare nipple.

"Oh, God." She clutched his head, sliding her hands beneath his stiff shirt, shoving it down and wishing he was naked and inside her. He devoured her breast, drawing her nipple deep into the hot suck of his mouth, then scraping his teeth across her skin and suckling its mate. "You know where this is going," she managed, breathless as she ran her hands wildly over his chest and down his stomach.

His muscles jumped. "I hope so." He smiled against her nipple, flicking his tongue wildly over the taut peak, and she writhed in his arms. "I have protection."

"Not necessary." She gasped, her hand dipping beneath his waistband, shoving frantically at his trousers and briefs. "Oh, Chase." Her hand encircled him. "You're so warm."

"And hard. I know." Her fingertips slid over his hardness. "Angel, angel. I can't wait."

She met his gaze. "Then don't." The sound of their breath and the slow slide of her zipper filled the room.

"I've been thinking about doing that all night." They sank to the floor.

She opened for him, pulling him between her thighs. He rocked against the heat of her, fabric the only barrier. He wanted it gone. Now. And in quick movements, he shoved her dress up, hooking his thumbs in the sides of her panties and twisting the thin strip around his fist. Savagely, he yanked and the delicate fabric snapped. Her eyes flared. He dragged the scrap from her, dangling it like a trophy before tossing it over his shoulder.

She freed him from his trousers and he plunged into her with a force that drove her across the floor, and Tessa met him, her hips slamming back. She knew he'd held back for her in the past, but this time, Tessa felt the full power of Chase's passion.

It was raw and dark, his body driving and driving, his mouth consuming hers. His fingers plowed into her hair as his body filled hers, harder and harder, and her legs clutched him, begging for more. And he gave it.

Chase couldn't stop himself. He'd hungered for her for so long, loved her so much, and his frustration and hurt and need, his need, spilled over into his touch. He knew he was rough, but she urged him on, her hands erotic and probing, her teeth scraping his flesh, nipping his shoulder. She was hot and slick and pulsing, her breath ragged and he felt her tense and tense—then it came. The wild storm of sensation, the flex of slick muscles surrounding his arousal, the convulsions of her desire swamping him like a hot rain. Chase held her gaze as he drove into her, burying himself deeply, mashing tighter and tighter. Splintered pleasure drenched them in a place only they could reach.

She bucked against him and he rode the pulse, a harsh, guttural groan rumbling in his chest, her name on his lips. The incredible scent of her washed over him and he covered her mouth with his, swallowing her sighs, kissing her long after the last tremor faded.