Page 23 of Maid for a Magnate

“That’s what I told him. I’m not one of his employees, I’m his son and I’m the CEO of Rowling Energy now.”

 “Plus you’re trying to seduce his maid,” James added with a chuckle. “You’re going to get grounded.”

 Will couldn’t help but smile. “You’re such an ass.”

 “It’s fun to see the tables turned and you squirming over a woman for once.”

 “I’m not squirming, dammit,” Will muttered.

 But he wouldn’t deny he was using Cat as another jab at his father. Yes, he wanted Cat and always had, but if being with her still irritated the old man, so much the better.

 Part of him felt guilty for the lack of respect for his father, but that went both ways and the moment Patrick had issued his ultimatum years ago, Will had vowed then and there to gain back everything he deserved, no matter what the cost to his relationship with his father.

 Bella’s oldest brother, Rafe, and his very pregnant wife, Emily, crossed the room, heading for Will and James. Since he’d abdicated, Rafe and Emily had lived in Key West. But they’d traveled back to be with the family during this difficult time.

 “This was a really nice thing for Patrick to do,” Rafe stated as he wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist. “Losing Isabella has been hard.”

 “I’m sorry for your loss,” Will said. “She was definitely a fighter and Alma is a better place because of her.”

 “She was quite stubborn,” Emily chimed in with a smile. “But we’ll get through this because the Montoros are strong.”

 Will didn’t think this was the appropriate time to bring up the subject of Rafe resigning from his duties before his coronation. It was the proverbial elephant in the room.

 “I’m going to save my wife from my father,” James told them. “Excuse me.”

 Rafe and Emily were talking about the funeral—how many people had turned out and how supportive the country was in respecting their time of mourning. But Will was only half listening. Cat glanced his way once and that’s all it took for his heart to kick up and his body to respond. She didn’t smile, she merely locked those dark eyes on him as if she knew his every thought.

 Tension crackled between them and everyone else in the room disappeared from his world. Nobody existed but Cat and he knew without a doubt she would agree to his proposal.

 He wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

 * * *

 Her feet were absolutely screaming. Her back wasn’t faring much better. The Montoros lingered longer than she’d expected and Catalina had stuck around an hour after the guests had left.

 This fourteen-hour workday would certainly yield a nice chunk of change, but right now all Catalina could think of was her bed, which she hoped to fall into the moment she got home. She may not even take the time to peel out of her clothes.

 Catalina nearly wept as she walked toward her car. She’d parked in the back of the estate near the detached garage where Patrick kept his sporty cars that he only brought out on special occasions. The motion light popped on as she approached her vehicle.

 Instantly she spotted Will sitting on a decorative bench along the garage wall. Catalina stopped and couldn’t help but smile.

 “Are you hiding?” she asked as she started forward again.

 “Waiting.” He unfolded that tall, broad frame and started coming toward her. “I know you’re exhausted, but I just wanted to ask something.”

 Catalina crossed her arms and stared up at him. “You could’ve called or texted me your question.”

 “I could’ve,” he agreed with a slight nod. “But you could say no too easily. I figure if you’re looking me in the eye—”

 “You think I can’t resist you?” she laughed.

 Exhaustion might have been consuming her and clouding her judgment, but there was still something so irresistible and charming about this overbearing man...and something calculating as well. He’d purposely waited for her, to catch her at a weak moment. He must really want something major.

 “I’m hoping.” He reached out, tucking her hair behind her ears before his fingertips trailed down her jawline. “I want to take you somewhere tomorrow afternoon. Just us, on my yacht for a day out.”

 Catalina wanted to give in to him, she wanted to forget all the reasons they shouldn’t be together in any way. She wished her head and her heart would get on the same page where Will Rowling was concerned. She had goals, she had a job she needed to keep in order to reach those goals...yet everything about Will made her want to entertain the idea of letting him in, even if just for one night.