Page 7 of Maid for a Magnate

“You need to talk to Bella.”

 Bella? Suddenly Catalina found herself moving down the hall, but Will stepped out, blocking her entry into the library. Catalina glanced down to his hand gripping her bicep.

 “Her aunt Isabella passed away in the middle of the night,” he whispered.

 Isabella Montoro was the grand matriarch of the entire Montoro clan. The woman had been around forever. Between Juan Carlos being named the true heir to the throne and now Isabella’s death, the poor family was being dealt one blow after another.

 Will rubbed his thumb back and forth over Catalina’s arm. “You know Bella enough through James and I figured she’d want another woman to talk to. Plus, I thought she could relate to you because...”

 Swallowing, she nodded. When she and Will had dated briefly, Catalina had just lost her grandmother, a woman who had been like a second mother to her. Will had seen her struggle with the loss...maybe the timing of the loss explained why she’d been so naïve to think she and Will could have a future together. For that moment in time, Catalina had clung to any hope of happiness and Will had shown her so much...but it had all been built on lies.

 Catalina started to move by him, but his grip tightened. “I don’t want to bring up bad memories for you.” Those aqua eyes held her in place. “As much as Bella is hurting, I won’t sacrifice you, so tell me if you can’t go in there.”

 Catalina swallowed as she looked back into those eyes that held something other than lust. For once he wasn’t staring at her as if he wanted to rip her clothes off. He genuinely cared or at least he was playing the part rather well. Then again, he’d played a rather impressive role four years ago pretending to be the doting boyfriend.

 Catalina couldn’t afford to let her guard down. Not again with this man who still had the power to cripple her. That kiss weeks ago only proved the control he still had and she’d never, ever let him in on that fact. She could never allow Will to know just how much she still ached for his touch.

 “I’ll be fine,” she replied, pulling her arm back. “I’d like to be alone with her, though.”

 Will opened his mouth as if to argue, but finally closed it and nodded.

 As soon as Catalina stepped inside, her heart broke. Bella sat in a wingback chair. James rested his hip on the arm and Bella was curled into his side sobbing.

 “James.” Will motioned for his twin to follow him out.

 Leaning down, James muttered something to Bella. Dabbing her eyes with a tissue, Bella looked up and saw she had company.

 Catalina crossed to the beautiful woman who had always been known for her wild side. Right now she was hurting over losing a woman who was as close as a mother to her.

 The fact that Will thought Catalina could offer comfort, the fact that he cared enough to seek her out, shouldn’t warm her heart. She couldn’t let his moment of sweetness hinder her judgment of the man. Bella was the woman he’d been in a relationship with only a month ago. How could Catalina forget that? No matter the reasons behind the relationship, Catalina couldn’t let go of the fact that Will would’ve said I do to Bella had James not come along.

 Will had an agenda, he always did. Catalina had no clue what he was up to now, but she had a feeling his newfound plans included her. After all this time, was he seriously going to pursue her? Did he honestly think they’d start over or pick up where they’d left off?

 Catalina knew deep down he was only after one thing...and she truly feared if she wasn’t careful, she’d end up giving in.


 Will lifted the bottle of scotch from the bar in the living room, waving it back and forth slightly in a silent invitation to his brother.

 James blew out a breath. “Yeah. I could use a drink.”

 Neither mentioned the early time. Sometimes life’s crises called for an emergency drink to take the edge off. And since they’d recently started building their relationship back up, Will wanted to be here for his brother because even though Bella was the one who’d suffered the loss, James was no doubt feeling helpless.

 “Smart thinking asking Catalina to help.” James took the tumbler with the amber liquid and eased back on the leather sofa. “Something going on there you want to talk about?”

 Will remained standing, leaning an elbow back against the bar. “Nothing going on at all.”

 Not to say there wouldn’t be something going on very soon if he had his way about it. Those heated kisses only motivated him even more...not to mention the fact that his father would hate knowing “the good twin” had gone after what he wanted, which was the total opposite of Patrick’s wishes.