Page 32 of Sweet Treasures

Anna couldn’t believe her ears or her eyes. There in front of her was her answer to prayer. God had finally given Anna her soulmate, and she couldn’t be happier. So, instead of worrying about how things would work out for them, she cast her burden onto the Lord and gave into the pleadings of her heart. Cupping his face in her hands, in a voice barely above a whisper, she answered him. “Ah, my sweet prince, yes, yes, yes. I will marry you.”

In one fluid motion, Nicholas stood, pulling her up with him. Wrapping her into his warm embrace, he held her as their lips met in a kiss so wonderful it could only be construed as a commitment of their love for each other.


That one word was the sweetest treasure known to mankind. No hot chocolates. No award winning cookies. No cupcakes. No anything had ever been any sweeter. The proof of that was in her Savior’s death and resurrection, in Nicholas’s kiss, and now in Anna’s heart forever.