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Connor grabbed his laptop and pulled up the picture files he’d saved from the originals. Just in case. He couldn’t think of a better time to revisit those shots. Maybe he’d find something to give him a clue. He planned to go after Josie, but he wanted to take something significant with him when he did.

* * *

Josie called Sherwood from her bedroom to let him know she was on her way to the office.

“Gilbert, it’s Sunday. You’re supposed to be resting until tomorrow.”

“I’m fine, sir. Just going into the office to file some reports from my notes.” She peeked through the bedroom door to see where Connor was. Still across the big open room, poring over files. “I called for a car. I needed a ride.”

“Okay, so that’s good. Where’s your sidekick?”

“He’s going to stay at his apartment. I wanted some time alone to think this through.”

“Understandable. Should I put a man on him, just to ease your mind? If you tell me where you are...”

“He’s locked in tight. Good security. And he can take care of himself.”

“So you’ve seen the real Connor Randall at last?”

Surprised at the venomous tone of that observation, Josie cleared her throat. “I’ve seen enough to know he’s caught up in something he’d like to be done with. But...I can’t quite trust him. Anyway, I’ll check on him once I’m done at the office. Oh, and the reason I called. I need to speak to Armond.”

“Negative.” Sherwood let out a breath. “I told you he’s not talking, and his location is classified for his safety and for yours. He’s doing fine. Recovering from his wounds. I think by the time he’s able to go home, he’ll also be ready to cop a plea and give us anything we want.”

“And what about Lou and Vanessa?” She wanted to question both of them again, too.

“They’re in town at the Armond apartment. We’ve got guards watching them day and night.”

“Have they seen Armond?”

“Briefly. Look, I’ve got to go, but you go in and get your work caught up. Let me handle Armond.”

Josie wasn’t going away that easily. “If you just give me five minutes with him, I might be able—”

“No, Gilbert. And that’s an order.”

The call ended before she could respond. She didn’t even get to tell him about Connor’s suspicions regarding the other son.

“What is going on?” she mumbled, her mind whirling with unanswered questions. She’d take care of her files, pull up more background information and ask around.

But one question stood out in her mind. Why was Sherwood keeping her away from Armond?

* * *

Connor waited for Josie to leave. He pretended to be busy, so he scrolled through his file of secret pictures. No one knew he had these, not even the FBI. But then, there’d been nothing of interest in this file, and no one other than the FBI knew he lived in this dilapidated old warehouse. He’d only kept the pictures as insurance in case he ever needed to get reacquainted with all things Armond. He’d kept the laptop hidden in a small space behind a mock cabinet. Not even the cleaning lady knew the files were here.

Josie emerged, fresh-faced and buttoned up. “I called another agent. He’ll park down the street two blocks so he won’t bring attention to your apartment.”

Connor nodded. “Thanks. This place is pretty hidden and I’d like to keep it that way.”

She nodded. “I’m going. I’ll call in after I get there.”

“Good idea.” He got up and followed her to the elevator door. “Be careful, Gilbert. Call me with a fail-safe if you need me.”

“Easter Bunny?” Her smile was full of sarcasm.

“How about Cupid?” His thoughts were full of hope. “And only you and I will know it means Help.”

“Cupid it is.”

He put her on the elevator, then checked all the building monitors to make sure no one was lurking about. But he couldn’t stop there, so he went down the elevator and tailed her on foot for two blocks. When he saw the official black SUV, he breathed a sigh of relief and watched her get into the back of the vehicle. Then he went back to his work to finish up so he could follow her and make it to the FBI building just behind her.

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