She felt the tremor that lifted his chest and drew a deep sibilant sigh from between his clenched teeth.

‘You’re still cold.’

Nell gave an inarticulate grunt. She didn’t feel cold; she felt strangely disconnected from her body. ‘You aren’t.’ She could feel the heat from his body—it penetrated the thin fabric of her dress.

She spread her fingers and trailed them down his chest over the hair-roughened skin, pushing aside the fabric of his shirt until she reached his flat belly.

Luiz grabbed her hand and pulled it off his body. ‘Madre de Dios!’ he ejaculated harshly. ‘Do you know what you’re doing to me?’ he growled as the desire he had held in stern check all day roared in his veins.

‘You’re perfect. I just want to touch you.’ Nell’s eyelids fluttered closed as he bent his head and covered her mouth with his. His lips on hers were warm and firm, the texture, the taste, the sensory overload drew a whimpery little sigh that was immediately lost in his mouth as he deepened the exploratory pressure.

The kiss ended and, breathing hard like two people who had just run a marathon, they stared at each other. Nell let her head flop forward against his chest. Her arms slid around his middle as she stayed there listening to his heartbeat until he pulled away, kneeling over her.

As he lowered himself down beside her Nell slid her hands across his shoulders and down the strong curve of his back.

Luiz’s dark eyes glittered as he kissed her with a hunger that was both overwhelming and intensely exciting. It was as if he would drain the essence of her. Nell arched her back and looped her arms tight around his neck, opening her mouth to increase the penetration of his tongue. Her fingers tightened into the dark hair on his nape as she felt his hand move under the skirt of her dress.

Luiz lifted his head and looked down into her face, watching her eyes dilate, the pupil swallowing up the cool grey.

When he looked at her the surging swell of primitive possessiveness in his chest expanded. He had never experienced anything this strong when he looked at a woman, never felt this primitive need to claim her as his own.

He heard the breath catch in her throat as he slowly moved his fingers in a series of lazy arabesques along the soft, silky, ultrasensitive skin of her inner thigh. He slid his fingers under the lacy edge of her pants and felt the heat radiating from the moisture at the juncture of her thighs.

‘Oh, God, that’s…’ Nell moaned, her eyelids squeezing closed, her splayed fingers sliding over the satiny skin of his powerful shoulders as the electric tingle spread over her entire body. Her head thrashed from side to side as her nails dug into the skin of his shoulders.

His hands slid under her bottom, pulling her up to him, arranging her knees either side of his thighs as Luiz kissed his way up the exposed curve of her pale throat before claiming her mouth once more.

A dry gasp left her throat as she felt the hard, pulsing impression of his erection grind into the soft flesh of her belly. It was more shocking and more exciting than anything she had ever dreamt; the hot liquid throbbing ache between her thighs intensified to a painful degree.

Nostrils flared, Luiz kissed the damp skin of her neck, breathing in the warm female scent of her before he drew himself up on his knees and pulled away from her, his eyes not leaving hers for a moment as he unfastened the belt of his jeans and kicked them away.

His shirt followed a second later. He was unselfconsciously naked and gloriously—shockingly to her mind—aroused, and the image of his gleaming naked body tightened the hard knot of desire that clutched low in Nell’s belly. Her hungry eyes moved greedily over the taut, rippling muscles of his chest and shoulders, then moved lower, skimming the flat, firmly delineated muscles of his belly and lower still.

The greedy glow in her eyes, combined with her awed whisper of, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ raised Luiz’s level of arousal several painful notches.

His voice was unrecognisable, his accent thick as he slid into his own language, the liquid words of Spanish spilling from him as he jerked her towards him and, holding her grey doe’s eyes in a hot liquid gaze, slid the zip on her dress.

Nell inhaled sharply and lowered her gaze, her lashes fanning across the smooth curve of her flushed cheek as she asked herself what she was doing.

Stupid question. It was blatantly obvious what she was doing, though she struggled even in the privacy of her thoughts to put it in words.

The question was—was it what she wanted?

She almost laughed at the question—wanted? She had never wanted anything so much in her life.

‘I want this, Luiz. I want you.’

His long fingers resting lightly on the smooth skin at the base of her spine flexed as the muscle in his lean cheek clenched. Por Dios, he was shaking with need; it consumed him from the inside out with the strength of a forest fire.