Love shone in Nell’s luminous eyes as she raised the hand she held to her face and curved the long brown fingers around her cheek. ‘Our future, Luiz, together,’ she corrected, a smile like the sun breaking out on her face as she added huskily, ‘I like the way that sounds.’

With a laugh he gathered her to him, raining kisses on her upturned features. ‘I too like it. I feel as if I have been alone for such a long time, and now I have a family.’ He laid a hand on her stomach and smiled. ‘I will be afraid to close my eyes tonight in case I wake up and discover this was all a marvellous dream.’

Nell drew herself up on tiptoe and took his beloved face between her hands. ‘Oh, that won’t be a problem. I hadn’t actually planned on you getting much sleep tonight.’

Luiz, his spine tingling at her wicked little laugh, could find no fault with her plan. ‘We could start not sleeping right now.’

‘In case you forgot, Luiz, I’m at work.’

‘When I look at you, mi querida, I forget everything but my love for you.’

Enchanted by the declaration, Nell took him by the hand. ‘I think that under the circumstances they might let me leave early today… Luiz…have you ever seen that film where Richard Gere—?’

Before she had finished he had scooped her into his arms. As he kicked open the door he looked down at her with love that took her breath away glowing in his marvellous eyes. ‘Our future, querida, starts now.’

Nell gave a contented sigh. Her future suddenly looked as though it might be very interesting indeed.