“I’m sure the paparazzi would love to get a picture of me walking into a midwife’s office. That would be super helpful.”

“What if I told you all you had to do was visit Boone Williams?”

“Boone Williams is a midwife?”

“No,” Sawyer said with a breathy laugh. “But he is dating one.”

* * *

SAWYER HAD MET Ruby Wynn a handful of times when she’d brought her daughter, Violet, to Helping Hooves to work with Faith and the social worker on staff last summer. Her relationship with Boone had started while he was staying on the farm, writing his new album.

“You’re sure Faith made it clear that no one else could know about the baby?” Piper asked as they pulled up to Boone’s gated estate.

“Boone and Ruby are sworn to secrecy.”

“But they think we’re a real couple?” she asked as she tugged at the hem of her dress.

Sawyer threw his truck into Park. “We are in full fake-engagement mode.”

Boone’s mansion was something out of Sawyer’s dreams. Set in the middle of a couple acres on the outskirts of Nashville, the house was an all-brick beauty. Being rich wasn’t Sawyer’s reason for going into music, but it sure wasn’t something he’d complain about if he managed the success Boone had.

“Well, if it isn’t the talk of the town,” Boone said when he opened the door. “I knew you’d make some amazing music together, but I gotta say, you surprised me with the baby making.” The megastar shook Sawyer’s hand. “Congratulations.”

“We really appreciate your help,” Piper said, accepting a hug from him.

“I’m happy to give it. I know all too well what it’s like to have my personal business splashed across the magazines and internet. You two deserve to keep this to yourselves for as long as you want.”

Boone was no stranger to scandal. He was preparing a big comeback next year now that he was clean and sober and a million times happier than he had been when Sawyer first met him. That probably had a lot to do with the redheaded woman standing behind him.

Boone introduced Ruby even though they had both met her in the summer. She had kind eyes, which was important to Sawyer. He believed he could tell quite a bit about someone by looking them straight in the eye.

“Dinner is supposed to be delivered in about an hour. If you want, we can take care of business before we eat. It’s completely up to you,” Ruby said.

Piper fiddled with her bracelets. “That would be great. Thank you.”

Ruby led them all down the hall and into an office off the family room. Concert photographs decorated the walls. Boone had performed for millions of people all over the world during his career. He was a big reason Piper had gotten into the business and someone Sawyer admired as a musician and songwriter.

There was an ache in Sawyer’s chest as he looked at the photos. Two days ago, he had been filled with the anticipation of getting out on the road and standing on stages like the ones Boone performed on. He glanced back at Piper, who had taken a seat across from Ruby. The thrill of touring had quickly been replaced by fear and anxiety. How was he going to convince the world he was happily engaged when he was currently miserable? All his hopes and dreams had to be put on hold once again. And then there was the fear of parenthood. What kind of dad would he be? What kind of dad would Heath let him be?

Ruby explained she’d be gathering a family history, drawing some blood and doing a thorough physical.

“Here?” Sawyer asked.

“The nice thing about a midwife is that we do house calls. It’s not unusual for me to check on a patient in their home. I came prepared.” She pointed to the medical bag by the chaise lounge. “Almost everything we need to do, I can do here, except for an ultrasound. I have a machine at my office, but we don’t need to do one this early in the pregnancy. In a couple months, you should definitely have one done, though.”

“I’m going to go set the table for dinner,” Boone said, excusing himself. He gave Ruby a kiss on the cheek. “I’m leaving you two in capable hands, I promise.”

This probably wasn’t how Piper had imagined her first prenatal appointment. She spun her bracelets around her wrist.

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