“There’s no reason to get married in two days’ time. I’ve got Benjamin working on a prenup, but I’ll need to review it, Sawyer should have a lawyer review it, and—”

“What about me? Shouldn’t I review it?” she asked.

“I’m reviewing it for you.”

“Okay, but I’m the one signing it. Shouldn’t I read it so I know what I’m agreeing to?”

“Do you read your record contracts? Do you read your touring contracts? Or do you trust me to look out for your best interests?”

She did let him take care of those other things. Piper had always figured he understood it better than she could. Plus, they paid their lawyer a lot of money to make sure they were getting the best deals possible, but it was time for her to step up. To handle things like an adult. She was going to be a parent. What kind of example would she be setting if she didn’t have any agency in her own career?

“Well, I understand that, but I’m getting married. I need to take a more hands-on role in my business dealings, and this is a business deal between me and my husband. We both need to read it.”

“Fine—another reason you need more time. You, Sawyer, his lawyer… A lot of people need to review it before anyone signs off.”

“We don’t have any more time, Dad. The prenup should be simple. If we ever get divorced, which we won’t, I keep my money and he keeps his.”

“What about the baby?” Heath asked. “You’re going to have to address the custody issues, as well.”

Piper didn’t have to think about it. “Joint custody, of course. There’s no question about that.”

“I’m not sure you should be so quick to split custody.”

He was beyond infuriating. “We won’t be getting divorced, so it’s not going to matter.”

“I’m not going to argue with you. Benjamin will send me the draft when he’s finished and I will email it to you. Please think about what I said about slowing things down. I feel like you’re caught up in a lot of emotion and following your heart, not your head.”

“Maybe you need to follow your heart a little more and your head a little less,” Piper proposed.

“I always follow my heart where you’re concerned.”

He had a way of disarming her at the most unexpected moments.

“I love you, Daddy, and I’ll see you in a couple days.”

Piper hung up the phone and placed both hands on her belly. “Don’t worry, little buddy. Your dad and I have everything under control. We’re going to be the family you deserve.”

She meant it. Even if all this felt a bit surreal. There was a lot to do and very little time to do it. Of course, all that mattered was that they said “I do.” Whether she had the perfect dress or not wouldn’t impact the outcome of the day. All she needed was for Sawyer to stand before her and promise to love her forever.

The baby kicked, and an overwhelming sense of fear ran through her. Sawyer had never used that word. Not even when he’d asked her to marry him. He must love her, though. It was one of his conditions to marry her. He’d said he wanted to be in love before he took the plunge.

She pushed those feelings of fear aside. They would not sidetrack her from the things she needed to get done today. First up, finding a dress. Hopefully Faith would be willing to take her shopping.

* * *

SAWYER CLIMBED OUT of his pickup truck. Main Street was looking a bit less festive now that the winter holidays were over and spring was still a bit off. A few store windows were decorated for Valentine’s Day, but it was nothing like it had been a couple months ago when the Christmas lights lit up the whole street.

“Sawyer Stratton, is that you?” Pastor Kline had a box of doughnuts in his hands.

Sawyer couldn’t believe his luck. This wedding was meant to be. Why else would the good Lord put the pastor right outside Harriet’s flower shop so he could kill two birds with one stone?

“It is, sir. How are you this morning?”

“I’m good. I’ve been following you in the news. You seem to be having quite the adventure.”

“I am, sir. It’s been very exciting traveling the country, meeting a ton of people and getting to sing my songs almost every night. I’m truly blessed.”

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