Faith didn’t answer right away, which led Piper to believe she did but didn’t want to upset the apple cart. They got to the car and Piper opened the door. “Not completely,” she said before getting in.

Piper climbed into the passenger seat. “Not completely, but a little bit. You agree with some of the things she says. Like what? Like I trapped your brother into marrying me?”

“No! Not that. I know you did not plan for this to happen. I know the baby was unexpected.”

“You don’t think we should get married.”

Faith placed both hands on the wheel. “I don’t think you should get married in two days. I don’t object to you two getting married at some point in time. I think you’re a very lovely person and my brother would be lucky to have you as his wife. I just feel like everything is moving at light speed, and that’s not the way I want this to be for either one of you. Rushed, impulsive, without the full support of all your loved ones.”

Piper pressed her fingers to her eyes to keep herself from crying. Was everyone right? Was this wedding a mistake that would haunt her forever?

“Please don’t cry. My brother will never forgive me if he finds out I made you cry.”

Piper waved her off. She would do her best to hold it together. Why did two days feel like not nearly enough time to prepare for a wedding but more than enough time for someone to convince them to cancel it?


HEATH EMAILED PIPER the prenup the next morning with a warning that he and Piper’s mother and brother would be arriving this afternoon. She had waited to open it until she could do so with Sawyer. The whole thing made her feel sick.

“When your brother gets here, I want to ask him if he’ll stand up for me. Did you ask Faith if she’d stand up for you? I like the idea of our siblings being our witnesses.”

Piper had not asked Faith, because she knew Sawyer’s sister did not approve of the marriage in the first place. “How about I ask my brother and you ask your sister? This wedding is already nontraditional, why not mix it up?”

Sawyer seemed puzzled. “You mean Faith would be my best woman and Matty is your man of honor?”

“Why not?” Piper asked.

“No reason. I think it’s a great idea. I’ll ask Faith the next time I see her.”

Piper put her feet up on the chair next to her as they sat at the kitchen table in Faith’s kitchen with Scout lounging close by, hoping they’d drop some food. Sawyer scratched the dog’s head.

“Do you want to forward this prenup to your lawyer?” she asked.

“Why? I’m going to sign it. I’m sure it says I can’t have any of your money or property if we get divorced. I don’t need your money or property, so I might as well sign it and get Heath off my back.”

“Well, someone needs to read it,” Piper insisted. “Your lawyer’s job is to make sure you aren’t signing something that gives me all your money and property.”

“Do you want it? You can have it.”

She tilted her head. “I’m serious.”

“So am I. We’re not even going to need it. We won’t be getting a divorce.”

His optimism was so refreshing given the negativity everyone else had been spewing. “I couldn’t agree more, but you should still have someone read it before you sign.”

“Dean and Faith aren’t going to have a prenup,” he mumbled.

“Dean and Faith also have an engagement that will be more than a year long before they tie the knot. You can’t compare us to them. It’s like apples to oranges.”

Sawyer leaned over and kissed her. “You’re right, we’re so much better than they are, which is why we’re going first.”

Piper wanted to believe that was true, but doubt was settling in. Why did he suddenly want to rush to the altar? He’d accused her of doing what her father told her without question, yet wasn’t she going along with Sawyer’s wishes in the same way? The questions made her stomach hurt.

“What do you say to a horse as the ring bearer and flower girl? I have two horses who would be perfect for the parts.”

“I don’t have to ride them, do I? I don’t think riding horses is on my list of acceptable activities, according to Ruby.”