The two security guards Piper had hired each had a clipboard and a walkie-talkie. Faith had given them a list of all the people who were expected to show up today so they could let her clients through without much hassle.

“Move aside. I’m Heath Starling. I don’t need to show any ID.”

Apparently Faith had forgotten to put good ol’ Heath on the list.

“They’re cleared,” Sawyer shouted. “Let him on through.”

No thank-you from Heath, but Mrs. Starling waved at him from the passenger seat. Sawyer waved back, certain all of this was being filmed for posterity’s sake.

Some of the photogs’ vehicles were parked along the highway in front of the property. They knew better than to try to get too close, but it didn’t matter how far Sawyer pushed them back. Their mega-zoom lenses were attached to superpower cameras that must have cost a fortune. Sawyer figured there must be good money in getting ridiculous pictures of celebrities.

The paparazzi weren’t about to ruin the wedding day, though. Not if Sawyer had anything to say about it. Let them print pictures of him marrying Piper in every magazine out there. He wanted Gretchen to see his smiling face in all of them.

“I don’t want that in there,” Piper said as Sawyer walked into the house. She sat at the dining room table with her father, holding a stack of papers. “We strike that and I’ll sign it.”

“I strongly advise you not to do that,” her father said.

“What are we arguing about?” Sawyer asked.

“My father had the attorney put in the prenup that if we were to divorce, you would agree to giving me half a million dollars if you are caught having an affair at any time during our marriage.”

Heath was pulling no punches. He’d made it as clear as Gretchen that he didn’t want them to go through with this. “Only half a million?” Sawyer asked, trying to let cooler heads prevail.

“The press will have a field day with this and assume I fear him being unfaithful. It paints a terrible picture.”

“Anything in there about taking all my kids away?” Sawyer took off his hat and sat next to Piper.

“I learned you can’t put anything in a prenup about custody, unfortunately,” Heath complained.

“Let’s sign it,” Sawyer said, grabbing a pen off the table and reaching for the document. “I don’t care about a stupid unfaithfulness clause. It’s not going to happen anyway.”

Piper wouldn’t let go of the paperwork. “You need someone to read this for you first. You can’t sign it without knowing what it says.”

“I trust that your father made sure that in the event of a divorce you will be taken care of and all of your assets will be protected. That’s good enough for me.” He held out his hand, waiting for her to relent.

Heath seemed displeased with Sawyer’s response. “It won’t be enforceable if you sign it without legal counsel. You might also want to think about your family’s assets. If you personally can’t pay, we could come after your sister.”

He had purposely put something in there that needed changing. Heath was anything but stupid. He was a master of manipulation.

Piper flipped through the pages. “You put something about Faith’s farm in here? We need to remove that.”

“I’ll get my attorney to look at it today. It’s not a problem,” Sawyer said.

Heath grinned. “Well, our attorney won’t be able to look at the revisions until next week. Guess we’ll have to postpone this wedding to a later date.”

“I’ll sign it as soon as the revisions are made. We don’t need my attorney to look over it again,” Piper said in defiance.

“That’s not the way this works, sweetheart,” Heath said. “The lawyers will work it all out.”

“I’m getting married tomorrow whether you like it or not. If you don’t want me to sign this prenup, I’m good with not having one at all. If you insist I have one, it’s this one with the revisions Sawyer’s lawyer makes.”

Mrs. Starling came out of the kitchen. “I think your daughter has learned more about negotiating from you than you wanted her to.”