During Sawyer’s set, Piper made an appearance to sing “You Don’t Need Me” with him. She sang it like she meant it but was much happier knowing that song didn’t represent who they were to each other anymore. It would be something they’d always have to sing since it was their first hit and it was what had brought them together—and it was part of the reason little John was hanging out backstage with his granddaddy.

The song that Piper would happily sing every show for the rest of her life was the one she and Sawyer had written for John, for each other. That song was how they closed each show. Just her and Sawyer onstage with a slideshow of pictures running behind them on the big screens.

“How y’all doing tonight?” Piper asked the crowd in Dallas, Texas, for the last time that evening. “Did you have a good time?”

The lights shone on the crowd, who responded with their loudest screams.

“Well, we’ve got one more song for you tonight. This song is near and dear to my heart, so I have to bring a little piece of my heart out onstage with me. Can y’all welcome back my handsome husband, Sawyer Stratton?”

The crowd erupted once again. Sawyer walked out with his guitar strapped to his back and his white cowboy hat on his head. There was nothing sexier than that boy and his hat and guitar.

“So, everybody knows this man is the love of my life, but there’s another little man who’s the other half of my heart.” On the screen behind her, they put up a picture of John smiling from ear to ear.

Again, the crowd went wild. Piper could guarantee that if someone needed a stadium of mostly women and young girls to lose their minds, all they had to do was show them cute boys in cowboy hats and babies with dimples. It was a proved fact in Piper’s world.

“I am the luckiest lady in the whole wide world. I have the love of a good man, a sweet baby who calls me Mama, and I have all of you. Thank you for spending the evening with me. Let’s do it again real soon. This song is called ‘For the Love of a Boy.’”

* * * * *

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