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When the last sensation left her body, she moaned out his name and collapsed against him. He pulled his mouth away from her and gently eased her down his body. Then their mouths connected, and she tasted the essence of herself on his tongue.

She gripped his broad shoulders and felt his hard muscles. She pulled her mouth away and heard his deep masculine growl as he gathered her close and whispered, “Mine.” At that moment, the possessive word didn’t bother her like it should have.

With all the strength she could muster, she lifted her head to meet his gaze. Before she could say anything, he gave a tight yet gentle squeeze to her butt cheeks and said, “No. We didn’t have sex. We shared a kiss.”

Physically exhausted, she didn’t have the strength to argue. And when he shifted their bodies so she could sit curled in his arms, she did, dropping her head on his chest, listening to the rapid beat of his heart against her cheek.

He held her and ran his hand all over her naked body as if stroking her to sleep. Zane’s kisses were what erotic fantasies were made of, and he’d given her a double whammy. Orgasms like the ones she’d just had should be outlawed.

She yawned, feeling sleepy, and as she closed her eyes, too tired to keep them open, she heard him murmur something close to her ear, but she was too far gone to make out the words.

* * *

“I love you, baby.”

Zane whispered the words although he doubted Channing heard what he said. She’d drifted asleep while naked in his arms.

He studied her features. They were peaceful, satisfied. Reaching into the backseat, he retrieved his jacket and placed it over her. A smile touched his lips as he thought about how she looked more his than ever.

He felt the rise and fall of her chest. He’d missed this, her falling asleep in his arms. But what he’d really missed was waking up with her draped over him, their legs entwined on those nights when he had stayed at her place or she had stayed at his. Upon waking, they would make love again. And again. His body hardened at the memories, and his erection poked her in the backside.

Zane noticed the movie screen. Although there was one more movie to be shown, a lot of people had already left. Half the number of cars filled the lot than there had been an hour ago. He glanced at the clock on the car’s dashboard. Was it after midnight already? This was a weeknight. A number of people would have to be at work tomorrow.

In his mind, he tossed around plans for tomorrow. He didn’t intend to let a single day go by without spending it with Channing. He would ask her to ride with him to Richmond.

She shifted in sleep, and the jacket covering her slid down an inch, exposing a plump breast and a juicy nipple. His mouth twitched, and the heat of desire rippled through him like a wave. The position wouldn’t have been so bad if he wasn’t inhaling her scent each and every time he took a breath.

Deciding he should take a quick nap as well, he closed his eyes and rested his chin on her forehead.

* * *

“Wake up, sleepyhead. Time for me to take you home.”

Channing slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times. Zane’s face came into focus. She then gasped when she realized she was naked in his arms with only his jacket covering her. She scrambled to move from his lap, but Zane’s hands tightened around her.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, his mouth quirking in a smile.

“I need to put on my clothes.” She glanced out the window. The first thing she noticed was that the movie screen was black. The next was the absence of other cars. “Please don’t tell me we’re the last car here.”

He chuckled. “Okay, I won’t tell you.”


“Okay, we’re not the last but pretty close. I will admit we’re the only one on this row and the only vehicle that’s still parked. Everyone else is leaving.”

“Then give me my clothes.”

“Hmm, the idea of driving you home with you wearing nothing is tempting.”

She frowned. “Don’t play with me, Zane. I need to get dressed before someone comes over here.”

He smiled as he released her and watched her ease her panties up her legs and thighs before wiggling into them. The shorts were next. Then came the bra and tank top. He always liked watching her get dressed. As a doctor, she had to be prepared for any emergency, so she had a knack for dressing quickly when she needed to.

Channing glanced over at Zane while running her hands through her hair. “What are you looking at?”


“Shouldn’t you start the ignition so we can leave?”

“In a minute.” He leaned over and kissed her.

She frowned when he straightened and then started the car. His lips had been warm, and she could feel her bones turning to mush. Trying to ignore the way her belly was flipping all over the place, she asked, “What was that for?”

“I want you to dream about me tonight.”

She drew in a deep breath. At least he hadn’t suggested that he stay the night. Zane’s kisses were always the prelude to something else. Specifically, the prelude to more intense lovemaking.

She didn’t say anything because her head was already filled with memories of what had happened earlier. No sex but a degree of kissing only Zane could deliver. As she focused straight ahead, they left the drive-in theater, and she recalled how he had stripped her naked and feasted on her body. Why did the man have such a skillful mouth?

“I’m driving to Richmond this morning. You want to go with me?”

Channing glanced over at him. “Richmond?”

“Yes. Last year we sold a client in Richmond a couple of our horses, ones that I trained. I thought since I was in the area I would check on them. I talked to the guy yesterday, and he’s all for it. In fact, he wants to talk to me about buying several more.”

Channing stared at him. When they’d been together before, he would often tell her about his work, but there had never been a time when he’d invited her to go with him on any of his business trips. She’d always hoped he would ask.

“So will you go?”

“I had planned to spend time on the beach tomorrow.”

“We can do that on Thursday.”

Her forehead bunched. He was making plans for them to spend even more time together? “When are you going back to Denver?”

He shrugged. “It depends.”

She lifted a brow. “On what?”



“Yes, you. I told you why I’m here.”

“Yes, but I’ll be staying in Virginia for another two weeks. Surely you don’t plan to hang around here all that time.”

He smiled over at her as he turned the corner into her beach community. “I don’t see why not.”

Her belly flipped again at the idea of him wanting to stay here in Virginia to be with her. “Don’t you have work to do back in Denver?”

“Yes, but I’m doing some of it here using my laptop. I’m going through files and purging a number of accounts we’ve closed over the past year.”

She knew how much he detested any sort of administrative work, yet he was doing it. So he could stay here with her. Zane preferred working outdoors with the horses. Did being with her mean that much to him? She shook her head, rejecting the notion.

“Channing? Ready for me to walk you to the door?”

She blinked upon realizing she was home already. When she opened the door, he grabbed the basket out of the backseat. They had finished off all the food, and the only things left in the basket were the wineglasses and wine bottle. “Keep these for whenever we finish off the rest of the wine.”

She didn’t say anything as she took the basket from him. He was beginning to sound sure of himself. Too sure of himself.

Channing would have walked quickly to the door, but he held her hand, deliberately slowing her pace. He didn’t seem in any hurry, but she already had the key in her hand. “Thanks. Tonight was fun.”

“Glad you enjoyed it, and about Richmond… You will take the drive with me, won’t you?”

She swallowed as she tried to decide what she should do. “Yes, I’ll go.”

He smiled. “Great. I’ll be here to pick you up around nine.”

“All right.”

He leaned in close and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Need me to check inside before leaving?”

Channing shook her head as she opened the door. “No. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay. But how about giving me a sign after you get inside that everything’s okay? I’m not moving the car until you do.”

“Okay. Good night.”

He smiled down at her. “Good night, Channing.”

She closed the door, and after placing the basket in the kitchen, she went to the living room window and looked out. Zane’s car was still in the driveway. She waved to him and watched him wave back before he backed out into the street.