“I remember,” she said with a reluctant groan. “But you promised me a one-night stand, Suit.” She slipped her arms around his neck, a heated look returning. “And that means you’re mine until the sun comes up.”

Desire surged again, and he rolled, sweeping her beneath him as he positioned himself on top.

Her breath hitched softly, and the heat in her voice increased as she shifted her hips beneath him, adjusting to his now fully reformed erection. “No more concessions for the innocent among us?”

“If those were your innocent ways—” he buried his head in her neck, inhaling the scent of strawberry shampoo before shifting until his mouth hovered over hers expectantly “—God help me if you grow bolder.”

And the sex that followed only confirmed that Blake was indeed in serious trouble.

* * *

The next day Jax leaned back and shifted uncomfortably against the wooden bench in the courthouse hallway. This morning she’d opened her eyes to a rising sun, alone in bed with nothing but her pajama top on, a sheet covering her bare bottom and a note from Blake reminding her of her court appearance.

She puffed out a breath, running a hand down her new black-and-white cotton dress with a gathered tube top, dread tightening in her belly, cutting off any hope of a casual demeanor. A woman’s first morning-after should not take place on the day she’s scheduled to go before a judge, but Jax had decided that anything worth experiencing was worth experiencing in style.

So far, the decision wasn’t making her feel better.

As people streamed by, Jax tried hard not to constantly search for Blake. If he didn’t show, she was screwed. If he did show, she was screwed. She needed his reassuring presence while standing before a judge. Yet she dreaded having an audience while navigating the awkwardness of their new relationship, courtesy of one incredibly delicious night.

But was the one night all she was going to get?

When Blake turned into the hallway, her body did a double take, his obligatory suit clinging to a hard body that she now knew more intimately than she knew her own. And it was unnerving to realize her lips, teeth and tongue had blazed trails across the tanned skin stretched against hard muscle and sinew. There wasn’t a spot she hadn’t adored, and there were probably several where she’d left marks. The memory burned, heating her face. And when Blake’s gaze finally caught hers, his steps slowing, Jax’s heart did a wobbly somersault.

As he came closer, his brow crumpled in surprise. “You’re wearing a dress.”

And those were not the first words she’d expected from of his mouth.

Summoning her patience, she stood and folded her arms across her chest, the feminine black blazer adding a touch of class over her casual dress, the black leggings and funky high heels appealing to her sense of fun. The fact her black-and-white leather platform shoes flirted with a 1930s mobster attitude seemed to fit the occasion.

She hiked a single brow. “After bolting from my bed this morning, is that all you have to say?”

For a brief moment, his mouth grew tight, but before the tension had time to settle, he let out a sigh of resignation. But his low voice didn’t detract from the firm tone. “This is neither the time nor the place for this discussion.”

“Discussing it over breakfast would have been nice.”

He lifted a brow drily. “I had to be at a meeting at seven.”

Jax winced. “Okay, so maybe six a.m. was a little early for a discussion.” She tipped her head. “But you could have at least woken me up to say goodbye.”

His eyebrow hiked a fraction. “I tried,” he said, obviously amused. “But you were out cold.”

Probably because she’d gone and died from pleasure.

“My exhausted state was as much your fault as mine,” she said.

Blake’s eyes flashed with an intriguing combination of heat and caution, leaving Jax both aroused and frustrated. Because it was clear from his behavior that he hadn’t become her lover; he was simply a man who had spent hours teaching her how much more pleasurable an orgasm was when it involved two people instead of one. To be fair, he had laid out his conditions from the start. And as they studied each other, his expression didn’t budge, and she let go of her last bit of hope for more.

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