“I really am only getting one night, aren’t I?” she said.

He shifted on his feet, having the decency to at least look as if he regretted his upcoming words. “Not only do I have your legal battle to contend with, but I’m also in the midst of the biggest case of my career,” he said. “So I need to...” He paused, as if determined to get this right. “I need to focus.”

She stared at his face, lingering briefly on the lips that not only looked sensual, but were also exceptionally skilled at making her cry out, amazed by the variety of embarrassing sounds that could come from her mouth.

“Blake,” a male voice said from down the hallway.

Pushing the stimulating thoughts aside, Jax watched the gray-headed man approach. Another Suit with a lawyerly air.

The older man stopped and clapped Blake on the back. “Good to see you, son.”

Blake made a quick introduction, and then the two chatted briefly about a case.

And before the man moved on, he leaned in close, as if sharing exciting news. “By all reports the Menendez case is a slam dunk,” the man said. “Word has it your name tops the list for promotion to chief of your division. Sounds like a move up the career ladder is in your near future.” Jax tried not to let her surprise show as the gentleman went on, his face softening with affection. “Your father would have been proud.”

An emotion flickered across Blake’s face, too quick for Jax to recognize.

Pride? Determination?

Or was it something else?

“Thank you,” Blake said, returning the man’s handshake before the gentleman headed off.

Jax turned to Blake, her curiosity now bursting at the seams. “What did your father do?”

He took her elbow and led her down the hallway, and her rebellious heart rejoiced at the return of his touch, even if only for a moment. “He was the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Florida, nominated by the president.”

Jax gave a low whistle. “That’s an awfully big suit to fill.” She frowned slightly. “Are you sure it fits?”

That sensual mouth twitched into an almost smile, but his tone was carefully even. “It fits,” he said, obviously sticking with the literal interpretation. He ushered her toward the courtroom door. “I’ve asked around, and Judge Conner is known for being tough, but fair,” he went on, apparently not interested in discussing his father any further.

The familiar smell of his cologne teased her nose, and she was bombarded with images of his naked body, making it difficult to focus.

“This is only an appearance to officially hear the charges and enter your plea of not guilty,” he said. “I’ll take care of everything, but if he asks you a direct question, answer it honestly. Otherwise...” He halted just outside the courtroom door, as if rethinking his advice. “Just let me do all the talking.” He looked at her with a guarded expression. “Do you think you can handle that?”

She stepped closer, thrilled with the flash of heat in his gaze, and she sent him an overly sweet smile. “Of course I can.”

If he thought he could ignore their sizzling chemistry, it was time for her to teach him a thing or two. Because she had the advantage of living in his home. And if she spent enough time in her bathing suit by the pool, sooner or later, the man was sure to cave.

At least, that was her plan....

* * *

An hour later Blake escorted Jax back out through the lobby of the courthouse, his hand enjoying the feel of her back and the seductive swing of her unruly, tawny hair against his skin. Her hips swayed in that lissome, loose-limbed way of hers, and his fingers ached to dip lower as he worked diligently to ignore the memories of their night together.

He’d renounced his one-night-stand days long ago, and making Jax an exception to that rule had seemed a reasonable decision. But clearly that had been his libido calling the shots, manipulating his good sense. Given their interactions to date, if he’d been thinking logically he would have realized that before he’d slept with her. Being the first to fully taste Jax had certainly never entered his mind as a possibility.

And her unvirgin-like behavior had continued, demanding that he not hold back on any fronts. As if suddenly in a hurry to make up for lost time. And what she’d lacked in experience, she’d more than made up for in enthusiasm, setting his body on fire with her insatiable curiosity.

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