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“Yes!” she groaned.

As if knowing how aroused she was, and how badly she needed his attention, he lifted his hand to her other breast. He squeezed lightly, stroking the nipple between his strong fingers, then tweaked it, toyed with it, all while suckling her. Waves of heat plummeted through her core and she had to wriggle on the countertop. The seam of her tight cords was pressed against her clit, which was swollen, a bundle of nerves.

“Lie back,” he ordered, his lips still against her breast.

She sucked in a breath, unsure for a moment. This man wanted her to lay herself out like a feast? He desired her that much?

“Please, Claire.”

“I do have a bedroom.”

“That’ll take too long. Let me adore you, here and now.”

Adore her? The man’s voice was velvety and assured, his expression hungry and passionate. He wanted her to let him adore her, when, by rights, she should be on her knees begging him not to stop.

As if stopping was in the realm of possibility.

Maybe for the sensible Claire, the one who always took care of everyone else, it would be. But that part of her had disappeared tonight. She had never imagined she would like strong, overprotective men. But somewhere between Philip insisting that he take her out, admitting he’d been watching her, tossing that obnoxious barker out of her path and urging her to let him, Claire had realized she wanted nothing more than to give over control to someone else for a change. Maybe not for long—perhaps just for tonight—but she was ready to let go, to be taken care of.

To be adored.


MELTING LIKE THE chocolate, all reservations gone, Claire shimmied to the middle of the countertop, kicking her shoes to the floor. As instructed, she lowered herself on her back, moving slowly. Philip helped her, stroking her tenderly, kissing his way down her middle.

“Trust me,” he urged, as if thinking she might still have reservations about putting herself so completely at his mercy.

“I do,” she admitted. She hadn’t met him very long ago, but already knew him a strong, sexy, honorable, funny, intelligent man. He wouldn’t hurt her. Of that she had no doubt.

Once she was comfortable, he scooped up more chocolate and drew a line straight down her midriff, letting a few drops fall into her belly button. Then he licked it all away, kissing her, nibbling her sensitive skin, tenderly exploring her navel.

She didn’t demur when he reached for the waistband of her pants, unbuttoned and unzipped them, and began to draw them down. She lifted her hips, helping free the material, watching the hunger on his face turn to raw lust. He stared avariciously at the hollow just above her pubic bone, at the lacy edge of her red panties. A hungry sigh emerged from his mouth when he uncovered her hips and filled his hands with them, squeezing lightly. Then he continued to pull her pants down, stroking her thighs and calves as he pulled them off.

He stopped and stared at her, lying there in nothing but a skimpy pair of underwear, through which he had to be able to see the tuft of dark curls. He rubbed his hand against his jaw.

“I’ve fantasized about seeing you unclothed.”

“Right back at you,” she admitted.

“That might have to wait. I’m not prepared for this.”

Hell. She hadn’t thought of birth control. Claire wasn’t even sure she had any condoms in her apartment. It had been months since she’d had sex. She hadn’t even been living in the building then.

Philip must have seen her disappointment. “I’ll never be caught without what I need again, but for right now, I’ll just have to make it up to you in other ways.”

Oh, goodness. That was a pure, sultry promise in his voice.

“We can make it up to each other,” she purred, reaching for him.

He grabbed her wrists, stopping her. “Me first.”

Lordy, the man was hot when he was being bossy.

“There is much I want to do.”

Right. He had a lot of things to do. Delicious, delightful, sinful, wicked things.

He proceeded to do them. Claire lost all inhibition, didn’t think about the fact that she was spread out like a virgin sacrifice at a banquet of the gods. She was a slave to sensation, unsure where he would smear the next dollop of warm chocolate, holding her breath in anticipation until he licked it clean away.

By the time he got to her groin and breathed hotly through the lacy panties, she was thrusting her hips up, unable to control the demands of her body. He put a hand on her hip, holding her in place while he smoothed more chocolate right over the lace. As he licked it off, the rasp and warmth of his tongue sent her flying out of control. Pulses of pleasure washed through her and she felt her climax build.

“Wait.” His tone demanded obedience. “I’m not finished.”

“Are you kidding me?” she wailed.

“Do not let it happen,” he insisted, looking up at her, his dark eyes intense. “Hold back—you won’t regret it.”

She had never intentionally tried to stop herself from coming, especially since not every lover she’d been with had even been able to bring her to orgasm. But the look in Philip’s eyes swore he wouldn’t let her down, and promised it would be worth the wait.

She closed her eyes and took a few deep, steadying breaths, trying to slow her racing heart, counting each pulse in her throbbing clit. She whimpered when he slid his fingers under the elastic of her panties and slowly drew them down. They hadn’t provided much covering, but once they were gone and she was completely naked, bared before a fully dressed man in a cool room, she shivered.

“No, you’re not cold. You’re burning up.”

He was right. The air might be cool, but she was absolutely on fire, the temperature going up by degrees every second he stared at her with that wanton, hungry look.

He reached for the chocolate. “This can’t taste as good as you do, but it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

She held her breath. He scooped some up and moved his hand between her thighs. Slick, slippery warmth smoothed over the lips of her sex, and she cooed. “Oh, Philip!”

“Hold on. Wait for it....”

“I’m trying,” she said, wondering how much pleasure a human body could stand. Because this was utterly divine.

His fingers delved deeper, spreading her, stroking her. She chewed her bottom lip, shocked at how good it felt—his strong fingers wrapped in silky warmth, caressing her clit in delicate circles. Taking her higher and higher, but never over the top. And she suddenly realized the pressure she usually felt to hurry up and come had receded. The climax was worth waiting for because this buildup was so incredibly good. He was coaxing her up step by step, rather than pushing her, in a mad race to get to the top.

Finally, he slipped one finger into her, sliding deep, her own body’s juices and the chocolate making his penetration easy.

“Philip, yes,” she cried.

Another finger joined in, stretching her, filling her slowly, then gliding away. She loved the fullness and the heat, the way he found a sensitive spot high inside her and brought it to life. Loved the look on his face and the sound of his whispers and the feel of his warm breath as he bent closer to her sex.

“I want to taste you as you come.”


“Shh,” he told her, moving his lips ever nearer. He didn’t go right to her clit, but started lower, tasting all that chocolate, pulling his fingers away so he could slide his tongue inside her and lap up every bit.

This time there would be no stopping the climax. Claire couldn’t prevent a tiny wail of helpless delight as it barreled toward her. Hearing her, Philip moved up, finally sliding his tongue over her clit in a thorough exploration that set her rocketing to the pinnacle.

She thrust up to meet him, her orgasm setting her free. It was powerful, making her shake, and he moved his fingers back into her tight channel, which spasmed around him while he savored the chocolate and her body’s juices like a man at a feast.

One orgasm stretched into two. She’d no sooner begun to settle back to earth when he sucked again, a little harder, and another ratcheted out of nowhere.

“Oh, my God,” she cried.

She’d never experienced anything like it, never been hit with pleasure after pleasure. He’d been right; holding off, letting her own desires build to the utter peak, made flying off that peak better than it had ever been in her life.

She’d barely begun to breathe normally when Philip kissed his way back up her body, then leaned right over her face. She smelled chocolate and sex on his breath. Wanting to share, she reached up and twined her fingers in his hair, pulling his mouth to hers. They exchanged a long, wicked kiss.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that,” she whispered when they finally drew apart. “Nobody’s ever made me feel...”

“Then the men you’ve known are fools,” he declared.