‘I like the fact that you want to protect me. No one has ever done that for me before.’

He tightened his hold on her. ‘From now on, nothing will hurt you. And we need never go to the island again,’ he promised her in thickened tones. ‘We can live in cities if that is where you feel more comfortable.’

‘I don’t mind where we live as long as you’re there,’ she confessed breathlessly, snuggling against him like a contented kitten. ‘You make me feel safe. I don’t think swimming in the sea will ever be my speciality but I can learn to fly over it as long as you’re holding my hand. I love the island, Sebastien. It’s the place where I fell in love with you.’

He gave a groan and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. ‘We will find the very best counsellors to cure you of your fear of water and I’m never letting you out of my sight again, agape mou,’ he vowed huskily. ‘From now on you’re mine and I always protect what is mine. Anything you want, you have only to ask.’

‘Anything?’ Her eyes twinkled and he gave an appreciative laugh.

‘Now you’re making me nervous.’ His wickedly sexy eyes gleamed. ‘What is it you want? At this point perhaps I ought to warn you that I won’t permit the mother of my child to walk around dressed in a miniskirt and three-inch heels.’

‘Possessive again,’ she teased, but her arms slid round the strong column of his neck and she pressed a kiss into the corner of his mouth. ‘Did you mean what you said about my mother living in Greece?’

‘Of course. The doctors feel she will recuperate much faster in the sunshine,’ he told her. ‘As soon as she is well enough to travel we will have her transferred to a private hospital in Athens.’

Alesia sighed. ‘What it is to have money—’

‘You still have to ask me for something for yourself,’ he reminded her, a trace of amusement lighting his dark gaze.

‘What are you, the genie of the lamp?’

He gave a groan of submission. ‘I just want to give you everything,’ he confessed and she smiled the smile of a woman who knew she was truly loved.

‘In that case, can we go back to Greece as soon as possible? I’m in love with Greek food and Greek sunshine.’

‘And Greek men?’ He dropped a kiss on her parted lips. ‘Are you in love with them also?’

‘Just the one Greek man, Mr Fiorukis,’ she replied with a laugh in her eyes. ‘Just the one.’

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