‘And I’d hate you to think I might leave you, as your father did. That isn’t going to happen. And that is why I have no intention of making you sign anything except our marriage certificate,’ he drawled, his hand gentle as he slipped the diamond ring back onto her finger.

Ella stared at the ring, knowing that this time it was going to stay there for ever. She felt warm, loved, cherished and—lucky.

‘I love you,’ Nikos said huskily, ‘and I know you love me.’

‘I feel guilty that I made you move out of the house. What are we going to do now?’

‘Right now?’ He gave her a dangerous smile. ‘I suggest we go and find the bedroom in this suite.’

She blushed. ‘You’re insatiable.’

‘Where you are concerned, yes, that’s true.’ He delivered a lingering kiss to her mouth. ‘I will never, ever have enough of you, agape mou. But to answer your question about what happens now—after I have spent the night showing you how much I love you, you are going to ring my mother and answer her questions about your choice of flowers for the wedding. Then you are going to choose the dress you want. And finally, agape mou, you are going to stand by my side and say “I do.” How does that sound to you?’

Ella’s heart melted with happiness. ‘It sounds perfect,’ she whispered. ‘Absolutely perfect.’

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